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uditha-atukorala/swift-xid v0.2.1
A globally unique id generator
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.package(url: "https://github.com/uditha-atukorala/swift-xid.git", from: "v0.2.1")

Swift Xid


A globally unique id generator.

This is a swift implementation of the Golang package found at: https://github.com/rs/xid

Xid uses MongoDB Object ID algorighm^1 to generate globally unique ids with base32 serialzation to produce shorter strings.

Binary representation

| 0 |  1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |  8 |  9 |  10 |  11 |
 \----- time -----/ \ machine id / \- pid -/ \--- counter ---/
  • 4-byte value representing the seconds since the Unix epoch,
  • 3-byte machine identifier,
  • 2-byte process id, and
  • 3-byte counter, starting with a random value.

The binary representation of the id is compatible with MongoDB's 12 bytes Object IDs. The string representation is using base32hex (w/o padding)^2 for better space efficiency when stored in string form (20 bytes). The hex variant of base32 is used to retain the sortable property of the id.


  • Size: 12 bytes (96 bits), smaller than UUID, larger than Twitter Snowflake^3
  • Base32hex encoded by default (20 chars when transported as printable string, still sortable)
  • Configuration free: there is no need to set a unique machine and/or data center id
  • K-ordered
  • Embedded time with 1 second precision
  • Unicity guaranteed for 16,777,216 (24 bits) unique ids per second and per host/process
  • Lock-free (unlike UUIDv1 and v2)


Name Binary Size String Size Features
UUID 16 bytes 36 chars configuration free, not sortable
shortuuid 16 bytes 22 chars configuration free, not sortable
Snowflake 8 bytes up to 20 chars needs machine/DC configuration, needs central server, sortable
MongoID 12 bytes 24 chars configuration free, sortable
xid 12 bytes 20 chars configuration free, sortable


let id: String = NewXid() // or let id: Id = NewXid()
// Output: caia5ng890f0tr46f690
var xid = Xid()
// Output: caia5ng890f0tr00hgtg
// Get embedded info
let id = xid.next()


// Access raw bytes
print(id.data as NSData)
// Output: {length = 12, bytes = 0x62a4a4a108481e0f9b83781f}

Encoding and Decoding

The Id structure complies with Codable protocol and can be converted into and out of an external representation (e.g. JSON).

Decoding from JSON

struct User: Decodable {
  var id: Id
  var name: String

let data = """
  "id": "caia5ng890f0tr00hgtg",
  "name": "Jane Smith"
""".data(using: .utf8)!

let decoder = JSONDecoder()
let user = try decoder.decode(User.self, from: data)

// Output: caia5ng890f0tr00hgtg

Encoding into JSON

struct User: Encodable {
  var id: Id
  var name: String

let user = User(id: NewXid(), name: "Jane Smith")

let encoder = JSONEncoder()
let data = try encoder.encode(user)

print(String(data: data, encoding: .utf8)!)
// Output: {"id":"caia5ng890f0tr00hgtg","name":"Jane Smith"}


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Release Notes

Version 0.2.1
2 weeks ago


  • Fix Xid initialiser

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