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Native iOS application for streaming UCLA Radio

Streams our live radio feed and pulls data from the API at uclaradio.com.

Written in Swift, fetching from an API with a persistent local cache.

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2.3 - Feb 13, 2018

2.2.1 - Mar 9, 2017

Build uploaded to the app store, v2.2.1

"Bug fixes! If you were having any issues with the schedule or notifications they should be fixed now.

Also we got a new icon! Yay! :)"

2.1 - Jan 26, 2017

plus api routes

2.2 - Jan 26, 2017

Some stability improvements and Introducing notifications! Never miss a set again, get a reminder before your favorite shows come on!

2.0 - Oct 5, 2016

New app for the app store. Starting at v2.0 because this new app is replacing Student Media's outsourced v1.x app