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twodayslate/SplitTabBar v1.0.4
UISplitViewController and UITabBarController in sync
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.package(url: "https://github.com/twodayslate/SplitTabBar.git", from: "v1.0.4")


A UISplitViewController combined with a UITabBarController in sync

macOS ScreenshotiPad Screenshot


import SplitTabBar

let splitTabBar = SplitTabBarViewController(viewControllers: [/*view controllers here*/])

The navigatable view controllers are controlled via the tab bar detail view controller. You can modify them like so:

splitTabBar.setViewControllers([/*your new view controllers */])
// or
splitTabBar.detailTabBar.viewControllers = [/*your new view controllers */]

If you want the UITabBarController tabs to always be present you can enable them via

splitTabBar.shouldHideTabBar = false

You can see an example of showing both the UISplitViewController navigation and the UITabBarController tabs in the macOS screenshots above.

By default the SplitTabBarViewController will hide the UISplitViewController and just display the UITabBarController when its traitCollection horizontalSizeClass is compact. You can change this behavior using the following properties:

splitTabBar.compactPreferredDisplayMode = UISplitViewController.DisplayMode.primaryHidden
splitTabBar.regularPreferredDisplayMode = UISplitViewController.DisplayMode.automatic


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Release Notes

Version 1.0.4
2 years ago
  • Bug fixes

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