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What's Tuist 🕺

Tuist is a command line tool that helps you generate, maintain and interact with Xcode projects.

It's open source and written in Swift.

Defining your projects 💼

With Tuist, projects are defined in a Project.swift, also known as manifest. The manifest format abstracts you from the implementation details of Xcode projects. In your manifest you can define which targets your project has, which sources and resources belong to them, as well as the dependencies with targets in the same and other projects. The advantages of defining the projects in a manifest are:

  • It can catch misconfigurations and fail early. For example, if a target has an invalid dependency, it’ll let you know before you start compiling the app.
  • Since the manifest doesn’t include Xcode implementation details, the likelihood of having git conflicts is significantly lower.
  • It makes the configuration easier. The decision on how the project looks is on you. Tuist processes it and manages the complexity for you. One example of that complexity is setting up dependencies between targets.

The example below shows how projects are defined with Tuist:

import ProjectDescription

let project = Project(name: "App",
                      targets: [
                        Target(name: "App",
                               platform: .iOS,
                               product: .app,
                               bundleId: "io.tuist.App",
                               infoPlist: "Info.plist",
                               sources: "Sources/**",
                               dependencies: [
                                    /* Target dependencies can be defined here */
                                    /* .framework(path: "framework") */
                        Target(name: "AppTests",
                               platform: .iOS,
                               product: .unitTests,
                               bundleId: "io.tuist.AppTests",
                               infoPlist: "Tests.plist",
                               sources: "Tests/**",
                               dependencies: [
                                    .target(name: "App")

Although we encourage defining the manifests in Swift, Tuist also supports JSON and Yaml formats.

Interacting with your projects 🙇‍♀️

Tuist leverages project generation to provide a simple and convenient set of commands, standard across all the projects. The commands infer most of the necessary information from your projects, requiring you to pass only the arguments that are strictly necessary.

Having a standard command line interface makes it easier to jump between projects since there’s an interaction language everyone in the team is familiar with.

  • 👩‍💻 Init: Bootstraps a new project. You can specify the platform and the type of project and it’ll generate all the necessary artifacts (Info.plist, AppDelegate, Project.swift, Playgrounds…).
  • 💫 Generate: Generates the Xcode workspace and projects to work on a particular project.
  • 📦 Build: (Not available yet) Builds the project in the current directory. It supports all the arguments that xcodebuild supports.
  • ✅ Test: (Not available yet) Test the project in the current directory. It supports all the arguments that xcodebuild supports.
  • 📱 Run: (Not available yet) Runs the project. If the project needs a device to run on, it’ll prompt you to select one.
  • 🚀 Release: (Not available yet) Builds and publishes your project on iTunes Connect.

The list of actions will likely grow as we get feedback from you.

Install ⬇️

Running script:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tuist/install/master/install)"

Bootstrap your first project 🌀

tuist init --platform ios --product application
tuist generate # Generates Xcode project

Check out the project "Getting Started" guide to learn more about Tuist and all its features.

Setup for development 👩‍💻

  1. Git clone: git@github.com:tuist/tuist.git
  2. Generate Xcode project with swift package generate-xcodeproj.
  3. Open tuist.xcodeproj.
  4. Have fun 🤖


If your project uses Tuist, you can add the following badge to your project README:

Tuist Badge

[![Tuist Badge](https://img.shields.io/badge/powered%20by-Tuist-green.svg?longCache=true)](https://github.com/tuist)

Open source

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0.8.0 - Nov 5, 2018


  • Swift 4.2.1 compatibility by @pepibumur.


  • Module loader https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/150/files by @pepibumur.


  • Geration of projects and workspaces in the ~/.tuist/DerivedProjects directory https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/146 by pepibumur.

0.7.0 - Oct 5, 2018


  • Support for actions https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/136 by @pepibumur.

0.6.0 - Sep 19, 2018


  • Check that the local Swift version is compatible with the version that will be installed https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/134 by @pepibumur.


  • Bump xcodeproj to 6.0.0 https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/133 by @pepibumur.

0.5.0 - Sep 11, 2018


  • Support for JSON and Yaml manifests https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/110 by @pepibumur.
  • Generate .gitignore file when running init command https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/118 by @pepibumur.
  • Git ignore Xcode and macOS files that shouldn't be included on a git repository https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/124 by @pepibumur.
  • Focus command https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/129 by @pepibumur.


  • Snake-cased build settings keys https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/107 by @pepibumur.

0.4.0 - Aug 24, 2018


  • Throw an error if a library target contains resources https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/98 by @pepibumur.
  • Playgrounds support https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/103 by @pepibumur.
  • Faster installation using bundled releases https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/104 by @pepibumur.


  • Don't fail if a Carthage framework doesn't exist. Print a warning instead https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/96 by @pepibuymur
  • Missing file errors are printed together https://github.com/tuist/tuist/pull/98 by @pepibumur.