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tree-sitter/tree-sitter-rust v0.20.4
Rust grammar for tree-sitter
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.package(url: "https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter-rust.git", from: "v0.20.4")


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Rust grammar for tree-sitter


  • Speed — When initially parsing a file, tree-sitter-rust takes around twice as long as Rustc's hand-coded parser.

    $ wc -l examples/ast.rs
      2157 examples/ast.rs
    $ rustc -Z ast-json-noexpand -Z time-passes examples/ast.rs | head -n1
      time: 0.007    parsing # (7 ms)
    $ tree-sitter parse examples/ast.rs --quiet --time
      examples/ast.rs    16 ms

    But if you edit the file after parsing it, this parser can generally update the previous existing syntax tree to reflect your edit in less than a millisecond, thanks to Tree-sitter's incremental parsing system.


  • The Rust Grammar Reference — The grammar reference provides chapters that formally define the language grammar.
  • The Rust Reference — While Rust does not have a specification, the reference tries to describe its working in detail. It tends to be out of date.
  • Keywords and Operators and Symbols.
  • Archive of the outdated Syntax Index that contains examples of all syntax in Rust cross-referenced with the section of The Book that describes it.


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