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treasure-data/td-ios-sdk 1.0.0
iOS SDK for Treasure Data
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🕓 14 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
Release 1.0.0
14 weeks ago
* Add support for Ingest API and Ingest format * Event collector and keen format are no longer supported * New intialization APIs with removed initWithEndpoint: API
Release 0.9.0
30 weeks ago
## version 0.9.0 _2022-09-29_ * Add support for Swift Package Manager * No longer support standalone Framework * SDK user now need to add use_framework! in their Podfile
Release 0.8.1
1 year ago
- Correct keenClientTd dependency version to support tvOS
Release 0.8.0
2 years ago
- Use version 0.8.1 for support of tvOS instead
Release 0.7.0
2 years ago
* New default values feature * New resetSessionId API
Release 0.6.1
2 years ago
* Remove unused math.h import in TreasureData.m file
Release 0.6.0
2 years ago
Release 0.5.0
2 years ago
Release 0.4.0
2 years ago
Release 0.3.0
3 years ago
Added support for Profile API (`fetchUserSegments`)
iOS tvOS

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