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topmindKit is a collection of shared code reused over several years in a wide range of customer projects with a broad base of installations.

topmindKit consists of several modules fulfilling a different common use case or collection of helpful functions. It was initiated as a Objective-C library and migrated to Swift at a time when the community invented a new Json parsing technique every month and everybody wrote their own Result and Future implementations.

Moving forward version 2.0.0 will contain breaking changes and remove deprecated code and concepts which are part of the standard library and components like CryptoKit, Combine, CoreData and so on. Version 2.0 will also require iOS 13.0+, macOS 10.15+, Mac Catalyst 13.0+, tvOS 13.0+ and watchOS 6.0+ and Swift 5.3.



CoreMind is a collection of lower level concept atomic mutation, concurrent NSOperations, Result and Future types, logging, multi cast delegation, KVO and some bundle and device identifier extensions.


NetMind provides a abstraction for declarative HTTP Webservice implementations.


CryptoMind provides simple hashing extension for String and Data as well as Swift wrappers for key chain access.


CoreDataMind is a thin layer on top of core data to simplify data requests.


AppMind contains helper for UIKit child container embedding, Xib loading, UIView animations, keyboard observation, event tracking and similar top level and UI related use cases.


Martin Gratzer, Denis Andrašec, Raphael Seher, Peter Benkö, Christoph Lederer


topmindKit is licensed under the MIT license.


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1.2.1 -

  • Fix import Combine build issue with versions lower than iOS13 (#11)

1.2.0 -

This is a non functional release with the focus on preparing the library for open source. Project cleanup, licensing, linting and code formatting where the main changes.

  • Put default file header into .swiftformat configuration (#7)
  • Linting and code formatting rules (#6)
  • Add MIT license (#5)
  • Add KeyPath based fetch methods for type safe attribute selection (#4)


This is the initial "release" of topmindKit and a compatibility version for existing apps and @topminds projects before moving on to v2.0 removing deprecated methods and code that has meanwhile been integrated into the Swift language (like Codable, CryptoKit and Result).

  • Setup GH action for CI and testing (#3)
  • Fix Cocoapods module mapping for CommonCrypto (#2)
  • Fix typo and rename Webserivce to Webservice (#1)