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A ManiaPlanet Color Style parser and formatter for Swift


To install the formatter you have two options:

Swift Package Dependency

Add the Github Clone URL as your dependency with XCode wizard to add Swift Package. Use package version 2 and higher.


To use the framework:

To get the NSAttributedString from a styled nickname for example, use:

    let nickname = "$F80$i$S$oToffe$z$06FSmurf $z$n$l[http://goo.gl/y4M9VK][App]$l"
    let styledNickname = MPFormatter().parse(nickname).getAttributedString()

This will result in: Example result from above code

You can also strip links, styles or colors with

	let nickname = "$F80$i$S$oToffe$z$06FSmurf $z$n$l[http://goo.gl/y4M9VK][App]$l"
    let noLinks = MPFormatter().parse(nickname).stripLinks().getAttributedString()
    let noColors = MPFormatter().parse(nickname).stripColors().getAttributedString()
    let plainString:String = MPFormatter().parse(nickname).getString() // Get plain string, without any styles

    // Get nickname with font size 11
    let tinyNickname = MPFormatter(fontSize: CGFloat(11)).parse(nickname).getAttributedString()


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