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Use Dynamic Type font with custom font easily with UIKit or SwiftUI.


If your min target version is >= iOS 14, do not use this package. Use instead :

    .font(.custom("Georgia", size: 24, relativeTo: .headline))


Start by importing the package

import SKScaledFont

Define your text styles

Define your text styles for each style

Each plist define the font and size to use with one or more UIFont.TextStyle. If a TextStyle is not defined, it will fallback on UIFont.preferredFont with specified UIFont.TextStyle.

In a Style1.plist file, add an entry for every UIFont.TextStyle you want to use.


Here is the list of all styles:

Plist key | UIFont.TextStyle --------- | ---------------- UICTFontTextStyleTitle0 | .largeTitle UICTFontTextStyleTitle1 | .title1 UICTFontTextStyleTitle2 | .title2 UICTFontTextStyleTitle3 | .title3 UICTFontTextStyleHeadline | .headline UICTFontTextStyleSubhead | .subheadline UICTFontTextStyleBody | .body UICTFontTextStyleCallout | .callout UICTFontTextStyleFootnote | .footnote UICTFontTextStyleCaption1 | .caption1 UICTFontTextStyleCaption2 | .caption2

Define your styles

extension SKScaledFontStyle {
    var style1: String { "style1" }
    var skScaledFont: String { "skScaledFontStyle" }

The string value must match a plist file in project, otherwise it will fallback on preferred font.

SwiftUI usage

Text("Large title").scaledFont(skStyle: \.style1, style: .title1)

Text("Large title").scaledFont(skStyle: \.skScaledFont, style: .largeTitle)

UIKit usage

let style1 = SKScaledFont(style: \.style1)
largeTitle.font = style1.font(forTextStyle: .largeTitle)
largeTitle.adjustsFontForContentSizeCategory = true

You can also subclass to define one class per style, you will avoid redundant code.


SKScaledFont provide a way to define text styles for every screen size. Just define a new plist named Style1-568h.plist to handle iPhone 5/5S/SE. The plist name follow the following format: Style1-deviceHeighth.plist. Some example:

  • Style1-568h.plist
  • Style1-667h.plist
  • Style1-736h.plist


iOS version >= 11.0


Swift Package Manager


Future release

[] Scaling font without SKScaledFontStyle [] Add logger to print font size request and the new font size scaled


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