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Tink SDK Core iOS


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Tink Core iOS 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1 -

  • ThirdPartyAppAuthentication and supplementalInformationFields have moved to the Credentials.Status enum.
  • The Provider model's identifier property has been renamed from id to name. Other APIs referring to a provider has also been renamed, for example providerID on the Credentials model has been renamed to providerName.
  • Provider.Kind.fraud and Provider.Status.obsolete have been removed.
  • Provider.FieldSpecification has been renamed to Provider.Field.
  • The fieldDescription property on the Provider.Field model has been renamed to description.
  • Deprecated APIs such as the setCredential method on the Tink instance or accountNumberType on the Beneficiary model have been removed.
  • sessionID has been removed from UserSession.
  • The authenticateUser method no longer sets the Tink instance user session automatically, use the result to set the session in the completion handler instead.

Tink Core iOS 0.4.0 -

  • Renamed the redirectURI to appURI.
  • Added the public Configuration protocol.

Tink Core iOS 0.3.0 -

  • Added the transaction details service and model.
  • Removed the public init for models except for Account.
  • Updated the actionable insight model so that can be used for creating the budget.
  • Added more tests about JSON decoding.
  • Updated the Support for Swift 5.3.
  • Added the Core XCFramework.

Tink Core iOS 0.2.0 -

  • Added support for insights related to credit cards, left to spend, budget suggestions, spending by category and refreshing credentials.

Tink Core iOS 0.1.7 -

  • Added day model for actionable insight.
  • Added more tests for decoding actionable insight.
  • Added Swift 5.3 support for CocoaPods.

Tink Core iOS 0.1.6 -

  • Removed several unused errors in ServiceError.
  • Added authenticate parameter to refresh credentials in CredentialsService.
  • Improve error logic when failing to decode a response.

Tink Core iOS 0.1.5 -

  • Added initializers to AIS models.

Tink Core iOS 0.1.4 -

  • Added initializers to all PFM models.
  • Installing TinkCore using CocoaPods is now using a vendored xcframework.
  • Updated available locales.
  • Added 409, 412 and 451 status error codes.

Tink Core iOS 0.1.3 -

Tink Core iOS 0.1.2 -

Tink Core iOS 0.1.1 -

Tink Core iOS 0.1.0 -