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timehop/nimbus-ios-sdk 2.4.1
Nimbus iOS SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/timehop/nimbus-ios-sdk.git", from: "2.4.1")

Nimbus iOS SDK

Welcome to Nimbus - ads by publishers, for publishers.


Nimbus iOS now offers preliminary support for Swift Package Manager.

Documentation can be found at https://docs.adsbynimbus.com/docs/sdk/ios


  • Xcode 13.3 or above


  1. Navigate to Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content for an iOS application target
  2. Click the + button and select Add Package Dependency... under the Add Other dropdown
  3. Enter https://github.com/timehop/nimbus-ios-sdk in the package URL and select the main branch
  4. Select all the frameworks required by your integration type

Nimbus Standalone

  • NimbusKit: The main framework of the Nimbus SDK
  • NimbusRenderKit: Adds support for rendering Nimbus Ads
    • NimbusRenderStaticKit: Renderer for Nimbus static ads (display / banner ads)
    • NimbusRenderVideoKit: Renderer for Nimbus video ads
      • NimbusRenderVideoKit-WithoutGoogleInteractiveMediaAds: Use if GoogleInteractiveMediaAds is linked externally
  • NimbusRequestKit - Adds support for making requests to Nimbus

Nimbus Extensions

  • NimbusFANKit: Adds support for Meta Audience Network ads
    • NimbusFANKit-WithoutFBAudienceNetwork: Use if FBAudienceNetwork is linked externally
  • NimbusGAMKit: Mediation adapters and Dynamic Price support for Google Ad Manager
  • NimbusLiveRampKit: Adds support for passing IDs using the LiveRamp SDK
  • NimbusRequestAPSKit: Adds support for including Amazon demand in the Nimbus auction
    • NimbusRequestAPSKit-WithoutDTBiOSSDK: Use if DTBiOSSDK is linked externally
  • NimbusUnityKit: Adds support for Unity Rewarded Video Ads
    • NimbusUnityKit-WithoutUnityAds: Use if UnityAds is linked externally

Nimbus Dynamic Price

Only NimbusKit and NimbusGAMKit are required for a Dynamic Price integration. For additional information integrating Dynamic Price please see our documentation.


Copyright 2023 Timehop Inc. Distributed under GNU GPLv3.


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