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thousandyears/Lexicon v0.6.3
Recurrent Mind Maps, Vocabularies, Ontologies and Naming Systems.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/thousandyears/Lexicon.git", from: "v0.6.3")


A specification for shared indefinitely evolving namespaces, ontologies and languages that nurture diversity of dialects by enticing contributions from the native speakers of each domain of expertise in an organisation.

Lexicon is intended to serve as a foundation for ontology led development, semantic reactive programming and software gardening.

While we are working towards a fully featured 1.0 complete with respectable documentation, please consider visiting mindflare.app for a quick demo of the basic concepts.

To Do


  • Formal specification
  • SKOS (or other standard) serialisation
  • CRDT Lexicon
  • Composable lexicons
  • Default values
    • Literals
    • By reference
  • Notes/comments
  • Own children override inherited children?
    • Overrides instead of /in addition to synonyms?
  • Paste
    • Multiple roots (leading up to composable lexicons)
    • Branches as self-sufficient lexicons


  • Search
    • Time limited to allow results to include inherited nodes (breadth first traversal, of course)
    • All inheritors of this lemma
    • All synonyms
    • More complex conditions


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Release Notes

1 year ago

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