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ROS Robotic Operating System - Swift implementation of core client libraries. Based on roscpp.

RosSwift is a Swift implementation of ROS. It provides a Swift library based on Swift-NIO that enables Swift programmers to interface to ROS. It is tested on OSX and Linux (Raspberry Stretch, Ubuntu) and should also work on all platforms that are supported by Swift-NIO.

There are some unimplemented features, basic publishing, subscription, services and parameters should work.


Minimum SDK10.14 on OSX, also works on iOS

Swift 5 on Raspberry, https://swift-arm.com/2019/01/07/official-swift-arm-community-releases/


The package include msgbuilder to generate code for custom messages.


The package include roscore that is a swift implementation of the ros master.


The following code snippet shows how to model a publisher

import Foundation
import RosSwift
import RosTime
import StdMsgs

let ros = Ros(argv: &CommandLine.arguments, name: "talker")
let n = ros.createNode()
guard let chatter_pub = n.advertise(topic: "/chatter", message: String.self) else {

var rate = Rate(frequency: 10.0)

var j : Int32 = 0
while ros.ok {
    chatter_pub.publish(message: "Hello \(j)")
    j += 1

The following code snippet shows how to model a simple listener

import RosSwift
import StdMsgs
import msgs

let ros = Ros(argv: &CommandLine.arguments, name: "listener")
let node = ros.createNode()
let imu = node.subscribe(topic: "/imu") { (msg: sensor_msgs.Imu) in
    print("accel: [\(msg.linear_acceleration)]")