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A collection of SwiftUI components (views) and helper extensions.


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Fix builds for Xcode 11 and update SwiftRex -

v0.1.8: General Additions -

Update dependencies to the latest release -

Binding of optional values extensions -

iOS 14 issues fix -

Some iOS 14 fixes -

In preparation for iOS 14, some SwiftUI components and wrappers may need to be updated. This is the first step toward that, with some small fixes.

ScrollableView: Bugfix -

ContentSize calculation fix for the ScrollableView component.

PageView and PageControl -

Includes SwiftUI wrappers for UIPageViewController and UIPageControl, bindable from outside and using collection of Identifiable plus content view builder as data source.

Allow Animated Binding Changes -

UIExtensions v0.1.0 -

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