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teamforage/forage-ios-sdk 4.4.2
Forage iOS SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/teamforage/forage-ios-sdk.git", from: "4.4.2")


The ForageSDK is a Swift library for securely processing EBT payments. You can use the library to add all of the following EBT checkout operations to your iOS app:

  • Store tokenized EBT card numbers for future use
  • Check the balance of an EBT card
  • Capture an EBT payment

Table of contents

Install the ForageSDK

You can use CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager (SPM) to install forage-ios-sdk.

The Forage iOS SDK requires Xcode 14.1 or later and is compatible with apps targeting iOS 13 or above. Earlier Xcode versions do not support Swift packages with resources.


  1. If you haven’t already, install the latest version of CocoaPods.

  2. If you don’t have an existing Podfile, run the following command to create one:

pod init
  1. Add the following line to your Podfile:
pod 'ForageSDK', '~> 4.4.2'
  1. Run the following command
pod install
  1. To update to the latest version of the SDK, run:
pod repo update
pod update ForageSDK


See the step-by-step Xcode installation instructions File > Add packages

To use Swift Package Manager, in Xcode add the https://github.com/teamforage/forage-ios-sdk dependency and choose the Dependency Rule as Branch and the branch enter main.

Add package

Click on the Add Package button. On the next screen, select the package ForageSDK, and finish by clicking on Add Package.

Confirm adding package

Follow the official Apple SPM guide instructions for more details.


Import the SDK

import ForageSDK

// your code here

Initialize the ForageSDK

Initialize the ForageSDK by calling ForageSDK.setup and passing in a ForageSDK.Config object with a valid merchantID and sessionToken.

ℹ️ Note: ForageSDK.setup must be called before initializing the Forage UI Elements.

        merchantID: "1234567",
        sessionToken: "sandbox_eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1Qi..."

Forage UI Elements

ForageSDK provides two UI Elements to securely communicate with the Forage API.


A ForageElement that securely collects the customer's EBT PAN. This field validates the PAN based on the Issuer Identification Number (IIN).


Initialize the ForagePANTextField

private let foragePanTextField: ForagePANTextField = {
    let tf = ForagePANTextField()

    tf.borderColor = .black
    tf.borderWidth = 3
    tf.clearButtonMode = .whileEditing
    tf.cornerRadius = 4
    tf.font = .systemFont(ofSize: 22)
    tf.placeholder = "EBT Card Number"

    return tf

Subscribe to ForageElement state changes

Forage validates an EBT Element’s input as a customer types. To notify customers of input validation errors, you'll need to conform to the ForageElementDelegate protocol.

The focusDidChange method is triggered when a ForageElement gains or loses focus.

foragePanTextField.delegate = self
// signature
public protocol ForageElementDelegate: AnyObject {
    func focusDidChange(_ state: ObservableState)
    func textFieldDidChange(_ state: ObservableState)

// usage
extension ForagePanView: ForageElementDelegate {
    func focusDidChange(_ state: ObservableState) {
        if state.isFirstResponder { ... } // element gained focus
        else { ... } // element lost focus (blurred)

    func textFieldDidChange(_ state: ObservableState) {
        // show an error message on blur if the input is invalid
        if !state.isValid && !state.isFirstResponder { ... }

The ObservableState protocol defines properties reflecting the state of a ForageElement.

public protocol ObservableState {
    /// Indicates whether the input is focused.
    var isFirstResponder: Bool { get }

    /// Indicates whether the input is empty.
    var isEmpty: Bool { get }

    /// Indicates whether all validation checks pass, excluding the the minimum length validator.
    var isValid: Bool { get }

    /// Indicates whether all validation checks pass and the ForageElement is ready for submission.
    var isComplete: Bool { get }

The DerivedCardInfoProtocol protocol defines inferred information about the ForagePANTextField.

public protocol DerivedCardInfoProtocol {

    /// The US state that issued the EBT card, derived from the Issuer Identification Number (IIN),
    /// also known as BIN (Bank Identification Number).
    /// The IIN is the first 6 digits of the PAN.
    var usState: USState? { get }

This field can be accessed through the derivedCardInfo property.


Set the ForageElement as the First Responder

Call foragePanTextField.becomeFirstResponder() to programmatically set focus on the ForagePANTextField:

func becomeFirstResponder() -> Bool

Tokenize a customer's EBT card

Call ForageSDK.shared.tokenizeEBTCard to tokenize a customer’s EBT card number and create a Forage PaymentMethod.

// Signature

func tokenizeEBTCard(
    foragePanTextField: ForagePANTextField,
    customerID: String,
    reusable: Bool?,
    completion: @escaping (Result<PaymentMethodModel, Error>) -> Void
// Usage

    foragePanTextField: foragePanTextField,
    // NOTE: The following line is for testing purposes only and should not be used in production.
    // Please replace this line with a real hashed customer ID value.
    customerID: UUID.init().uuidString,
    reusable: true
) { result in
    // Handle result and error here
    switch result {
    case .success(let paymentMethod):
        // Handle the PaymentMethod here (balance, card, reusable, etc.)
    case .failure(let error):
        if let forageError = error as? ForageError {
            // handle forageError.code, forageError.httpStatusCode and forageError.message


A ForageElement that securely collects the customer's EBT card PIN to perform a balance check or capture an EBT payment.


Initialize the ForagePINTextField

private let foragePinTextField: ForagePINTextField = {
    let tf = ForagePINTextField()
    tf.borderRadius = 10
    tf.backgroundColor = .systemGray6
    return tf

Subscribe to ForagePINTextField state changes

Use the ForageElementDelegate to subscribe to input validation and element focus state changes for ForagePINTextField.

foragePinTextField.delegate = self

extension ForagePinView: ForageElementDelegate {
    func focusDidChange(_ state: ObservableState) {
        if state.isFirstResponder { ... }

    func textFieldDidChange(_ state: ObservableState) {
        if state.isComplete { ... }

Check the balance of an EBT card

FNS requirements for balance inquiries

FNS prohibits balance inquiries on sites and apps that offer guest checkout. Skip this section if your customers can opt for guest checkout.

If guest checkout is not an option, then it's up to you whether or not to add a balance inquiry feature. No FNS regulations apply.

Call ForageSDK.shared.checkBalance to retrieve the balance of a customer’s EBT card.

// Signature

func checkBalance(
    foragePinTextField: ForagePINTextField,
    paymentMethodReference: String,
    completion: @escaping (Result<BalanceModel, Error>) -> Void
// Usage

    foragePinTextField: foragePinTextField,
    paymentMethodReference: paymentMethodReference
) { result in
    // Handle result and error here

Capture an EBT payment

// Signature

func capturePayment(
    foragePinTextField: ForagePINTextField,
    paymentReference: String,
    completion: @escaping (Result<PaymentModel, Error>) -> Void
// Usage

    foragePinTextField: foragePinTextField,
    paymentReference: paymentReference
) { result in
    // Handle result and error here

Collect an EBT Card PIN to capture a payment server-side

Call ForageSDK.shared.deferPaymentCapture to collect a customer's EBT Card PIN before capturing a Payment server-side.

// Signature
func deferPaymentCapture(
    foragePinTextField: ForagePINTextField,
    paymentReference: String,
Parameter definitions
  • foragePinTextField: A reference to a ForagePINTextField component.
  • paymentReference: A unique string identifier for a previously created Forage Payment object.
// Usage

    foragePinTextField: foragePinTextField,
    paymentReference: paymentReference
) { result in
    // Handle result and error here
Step-by-step deferred payment capture instructions

Sample Application

The Forage iOS SDK sample application can be found here.

To get the application running:

  1. Clone this repo and open the SampleForageSDK.xcodeproj project in the Sample/ directory.
  2. Ensure that you have a valid Merchant ID for the Forage API, which can be found on the dashboard (sandbox | prod).
  3. Create an authentication token with pinpad_only scope.
  4. Create a session token.
  5. Run the Sample app and provide your Merchant ID and session token on the first screen.
  6. Forage SDKs include built-in EBT card number validation in both sandbox and production. Use the Test EBT cards for developing against successful transactions and invalid EBT test card numbers for triggering exceptions.



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