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v15.4.17-preview - Nov 13, 2017


Tooltip component displays a pop-up containing an information or a message when you hover, click, focus, or touch an element. The information displayed in the Tooltip can include simple text, images, hyperlinks, or custom templates. In mobile devices, to display the Tooltip, you need to tap and hold the target elements.

  • Content - Tooltip content can be assigned with static text, template or loaded dynamically via AJAX.

  • Position - Tooltip can be displayed in 12 different positions.

  • Open Mode - Supports 4 opening modes, hover, click, focus, and custom.

  • Animation - Supports animation effects while showing/hiding the Tooltip.

  • Smart Positioning - Tooltip can be moved along with the mouse pointer using the mouse trailing option.


Dialog is a window that displays information to the user, and used to get the user input. The available key features are

  • Modal - The user should be working with Dialog before interacting with the parent application.

  • Modeless - It allows to interact with parent application even the Dialog opened on the page.

  • Buttons - Provided the built-in support to render the buttons at Dialog footer.

  • Templates - Customizable Dialog header and footer through the template.

  • Draggable - Supports to drag the Dialog within the page or container.

  • Positioning - Provided support to position on built-in 9 places or any custom location.

  • Animation - Provided built-in animation support on open & close the Dialog with customization.

  • Localization - Supports to localize the default close icon title text to different cultures.

  • Accessibility - Built-in compliance with the WAI-ARIA specifications.

  • Keyboard Interaction - The Dialog can be intractable through keyboard.

v1.0.22-preview - Oct 16, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the positioning issue while set target as body.

  • The issue with focusing primary button on initial load has been fixed.

v1.0.17-preview - Sep 14, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • Modal Dialog position problem has been solved when the target element is smaller than Dialog.

v1.0.16-preview - Sep 8, 2017


Bug Fixes

  • Modal Dialog position problem has been solved when the target element contains some content on it.
  • While destroying the modal Dialog, wrapper element is not removed - issue has been fixed.

v1.0.14-preview - Aug 31, 2017


New Features

  • Provided support to position the Dialog on any custom location.

Bug Fixes

  • Rollup bundling issue fixed.