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swiftviz/Scale 0.7.5
Scale types usable for visualization, inspired by D3
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.package(url: "https://github.com/swiftviz/Scale.git", from: "0.7.5")




Scale and related types to support creating visualizations. Loosely based on the APIs and mechanisms created by Mike Bostock and contributors to D3.js

Build and test

git clone https://github.com/swiftviz/scale
cd scale
swift test -v

Generate documentation images for the included color scales

cd utils
swift run GenerateDocImages

then optionally move the files into the DocC resources directory:

mv *.png ../Sources/SwiftVizScale/Documentation.docc/Resources/


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Release Notes

Incremental update
1 year ago

What's Changed

The major additions are:

  • color interpolations and new scales to support interpolated colors, including facilities to interpolate within the LCH color space.
  • basic histogram and binning support
  • initial setup for Date oriented scales and relevant date "ticks" and logic for associated 'nice' values.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/swiftviz/Scale/compare/0.7.0...0.7.5

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