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swift-server/swift-prometheus 2.0.0-alpha.1
Prometheus client library for Swift
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🕓 1 week ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/swift-server/swift-prometheus.git", from: "2.0.0-alpha.1")

Swift Prometheus

sswg:sandbox Documentation

A prometheus client for Swift supporting counters, gauges and histograms. Swift Prometheus implements the Swift Metrics API.


Please see SECURITY.md for details on the security process.


All contributions are most welcome!

If you think of some cool new feature that should be included, please create an issue. Or, if you want to implement it yourself, fork this repo and submit a PR!

If you find a bug or have issues, please create an issue explaining your problems. Please include as much information as possible, so it's easier for us to reproduce (Framework, OS, Swift version, terminal output, etc.)


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jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

Swift Prometheus 2.0.0 Alpha 1
1 week ago

🚨 Breaking changes

This 2.0 pre-release contains breaking changes compared to the current released version 1.x:

  • PrometheusClient has been renamed to PrometheusCollectorRegistry
    • Most method names on PrometheusCollectorRegistry have been changed as well createMetric has been renamed to makeMetric in most cases
  • Summaries are no longer supported
  • The PromMetric protocol has been removed
  • The Collector types are no longer prefixed with Prom

Please refer to our documentation hosted on the Swift Package Index for more details regarding the new API.


SemVer Major

  • New Version 2.0 API (#92, #97, #98)

Other changes

  • Add package index config file, so docs are generated (#85, #99 patch credit @finestructure)
  • Remove FUNDING.yml (#88)
  • Remove Package.resolved (#87)
  • Remove XCTestManifest & LinuxMain (#89)
  • Prepare Dockerfiles and scripts for swift-server CI (#90)
  • Remove GitHub actions CI (#91)
  • Remove .jazzy.yaml (#96)
  • Add docc documentation (#100, #101)

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