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swhitty/Awaiting 0.3.0
Swift @propertyWrapper that waits asynchronously until the value matches a predicate.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/swhitty/Awaiting.git", from: "0.3.0")

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@Awaiting is a Swift @propertyWrapper that waits asynchronously until the value matches a predicate.


Any class can declare a property to be @Awaiting as follows:

@Awaiting var isComplete: Bool = false

You then use its projected value to await until some predicate is met;

// Suspends until isComplete == true
_ = try await $isComplete.first(where: { $0 })


CancellationError is thrown if the task is cancelled before the predicate is met.


When optionals are wrapped you can wait for the first non nil value:

@Awaiting var name: String?

// Suspends until name != nil
let name = try await $name.some()


When collections are wrapped you can wait for an element to exist at an index:

@Awaiting var names = [String](https://raw.github.com/swhitty/Awaiting/main/)

// Suspends until names[2] exists
let name = try await $names.value(at: 2)

Or wait for at least n elements to exist:

// Suspends until names.count >= 3
let nonEmpty = try await $names.first(withAtLeast: 3)


@Awaiting is primarily the work of Simon Whitty.


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Release Notes

Swift 5.7
2 weeks ago

minor update to fix concurrency warnings within Swift 5.7

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