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Powerful codegen tool for generating whatever you what from OpenAPI
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SurfGen is an language and plaform agnostic CLI tool written which is used for generate Model and Service layers from OpenAPI 3.x specification

How it works

  1. SurfGen parses OpenAPI file
  2. Collects all dependencies (resolves $ref even for another files)
  3. Create an internal representation of specification
  4. Send internal representation to code generator
  5. Code generator read code templates and generate files via them.

You can use our templates, or just write your own.

In SurfGen you determine the result platform and language by templates you give to SurfGen!

Supported plaforms

SurfGen can be run on:

  • MacOS
  • Ubuntu
  • On Windows (through WSL)


At this moment we have:

To create your own templates use https://stencil.fuller.li


If you want to build it on Ubuntu beforehand you need to configure environment or just install Swift by our bash script

Just add next snippet to your Podfile

pod 'SurfGen', :git => "https://github.com/surfstudio/SurfGen.git"

Also you can build it from source and just add it to your project using next snippet

git clone https://github.com/surfstudio/SurfGen
cd SurfGen
make executable
cp -R Binary <your_project_path>

In order to use generate command you need to setup configuration file. See Configuration File


SurfGen currently has 3 workflows:

  • linter for linting OpenAPI
  • generator for generating code from OpenAPI
  • create-config for generate config for linter and generator

Create-Config command

Use it to generate config stub with marks and comment. Then you can change it manually to your needs

SurfGen create-config -f swift -t generator
Parameter Description
--file-ext or -f Value for property fileExtension in config
--type or -t Type of config. Must be linter or generator. Required

Lint command

Use lint command to check if your OpenAPI spec is correct in terms of SurfGen (source coude can be generated without errors). If not, you will see log with errors and warnings, describing what exactly is wrong with the spec.

SurfGen lint <pathToSpec>

where pathToSpec is a path either to one file in OpenAPI spec or to the directory containing whole spec.

Parameter Description
--config or -c Path to config file. Required
--verbose or -v Prints DEBUG logs

Linter Config

Example (generated by create-config)

- /Path/To/OpenAPI/Project/fileName.yaml
- /Path/To/OpenAPI/Project/anotherFile.yaml

By exclude keyword you can specify files which you want to exclude from linting.

Warning: this ignore-list can contain paths only to files, not directories.

Generate command

Use generate command to generate files with source code.

SurfGen generate -c <pathToConfig> <pathToSpec>

where pathToSpec is a path to one file in OpenAPI spec which describes service you need to generate.

Parameter Description
--config or -c Path to config file. Required
--verbose or -v Prints DEBUG logs
--name or -n This name will be used for service which you want to generate. So models have their own names, but HTTP enpoint don't you need specify a name for you service. Required
--rewrite or -r If set wil rewrite old files by new ones. When SurfGen generate file it creates a name for file. If file with this name adlready exists then SurfGen will rewrite it.

Generator config

Example (generated by create-config)

Parameter Description
templates Contains array of structures called Tenpmlate
prefixesToCutDownInServiceNames See Prefix Cutting
useNewNullableDeterminationStrategy See Nullability
exludedNodes See NodesCutting

Editing templates

See Templates


There is a way to collect usage analytcs for your needs.

Analytics collection is turned off by default, but you can set it up with config.

To do this you need to add analytcsConfig section to ypu config. It can look like:

        project: Test

We use this setting to collect usage analytics (on out project inside out company). You can just delete it or configure for your own analytics.

Supported features

We support lots of thing. Just it will be more easy to say what we don't support (:


We support properties nullability by two strategies

Old strategy is based on required property of schema and we use it to determine if property nullable or not (if property is listed in required then it isn't nullable)

But also we have a new strategy that is based on nullable field. And if nullable: false then the property will not be nullable. Also property won't be nullable if field nullable wasn't specified. If nullable: true then the property will be nullable

By default SurfGen use old strategy

We do it in terms of backward compatibility, but we will change default behavior in next major release.

Now if you want to use the new strategy you need to write it in root of your generator's config:

useNewNullableDeterminationStrategy: true


Prefix Cutting

We can cut URI prefixed from method names in generated files. For example we have endpoints with this URIs:


But we dont want to have generated code like:

func apiv1Auth() {...}
func apiv2Auth() {...}
func apitestAuth() {...}

So to avoid it we should define prefixesToCutDownInServiceNames in generator config:

    - /api/v1
    - /api/v2
    - /api/test

Node Cutting

SurfGen have an ability to cut specific OpenAPI node at run-time.

If you want to exclude some model or method from linting or generation you can utilize this functionality

    - "Tests/Common/NodeExcluding/models.yaml#/components/schemas/BadModel"
    - "Tests/Common/NodeExcluding/api.yaml#/paths/api/v1.1/superAuth~delete"

This comfiguration will remove model /components/schemas/BadModel which is located in file ./Tests/Common/NodeExcluding/models.yaml

And will remove operation delete from path /api/v1.1/superAuth which is located in file ./Tests/Common/NodeExcluding/api.yaml

You can remove by this way leaf nodes like:

  • /components/schemas/*
  • /components/parameters/*
  • /components/header/*
  • /components/responses/*
  • /components/requestBodies/*
  • /paths/*

To exclude specific operation you can write something like /paths/api/v1.1/auth~post


  • paths - constant from OpenAPI specification
  • /api/v1.1/auth - method URI (just like in specification)
  • post - operation (you can skip it to remove whole method). Symbol ~ is used to mark specific operation.

Unsupported OpenAPI features

  • We don't support key not
  • We don't support in-place schema declration (when you don't create a components/schemas/Object but you write schema just in place where you use it (for example in response))
  • We don't support groups (oneOf, allOf, anyOf) which are include arrays
  • We don't support arrays whose item's type is array (like arrays of arrays)
  • We don't support references to operations:
    $ref: "./auth/auth_login.yml"
  • We don't support references to list of models:
    $ref: "./definitions.yml"

... and may be we forgot something ...

BUT if you find something that isn't work - plz contact us, or create an issue and we will fix it!

And if you need some of the features that isn't supported - create an issue, or create a PR (:


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