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TIL Application

Vapor TIL

This is the Vapor TIL (Today I Learned) application that is used throughout the Server Side Swift with Vapor book. The first sections of the book take you through everything you need to know to get started with Vapor. This application is deployed to Vapor Cloud, Heroku, Docker and AWS, using this repository!

In the book, you'll learn how to build routes and use Fluent to interact with a database. You'll learn how to create dynamic websites with Leaf and authenticate APIs, websites and validate fields. The 2nd half of the book goes into more advanced topics, including WebSockets, caching and microservices.

Like what you see?

Server Side Swift with Vapor Book

The book is available on the raywenderlich.com store.

Video Course

Video Course

The video course is available to raywenderlich.com subscribers, which can be watched here.

There are 30 videos covering:

  • Getting Started
  • Using Fluent
  • Controllers
  • Configuring Databases with MySQL
  • Templating with Leaf
  • API Authentication
  • Web Authentication