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micro iOS framework for presenting view controllers when you don't have reference to the currently presented controller


PresentationKit is a micro iOS Dynamic Framework with the single purpose of presenting UIViewController's, from places within your code where you don't have reference to app's view controller hierarchy. A nice example of use case of this library is from within other libraries that need to present an authentication flow and dismiss it on completion.

Build using Swift 5.3, Xcode 12.4, supports iOS 12.0+


  1. import module PresentationKit in the file you want to use the framework
  2. On a UIViewController instance you now will be able to call present(animated:, completion:) and the view controller will be presented in a new UIWindow on top of all other UIWindow's.
  3. When you are done, call dismiss(animated:, completion:) on the presented UIViewController and the newly created UIWindow will be destroyed leaving the user interface in the intial state.

modalTransitionStyle and modalPresentationStyle properties of UIViewControllers are taken into account.


Swift Package Manager

  1. Navigate to XCode project > ProjectName > Swift Packages > + (add)
  2. Paste the url https://github.com/stoqn4opm/PresentationKit.git
  3. Select the needed targets.

Carthage Installation

  1. In your Cartfile add github "stoqn4opm/PresentationKit"
  2. Link the build framework with the target in your XCode project

For detailed instructions check the official Carthage guides here

Manual Installation

  1. Download the project and build the shared target called PresentationKit
  2. Add the product in the list of "embed frameworks" list inside your project's target or create a work space with PresentationKit and your project and link directly the product of PresentationKit's target to your target "embed frameworks" list


The framework is licensed under MIT licence. For more information see file LICENCE


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