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stefanspringer1/SwiftUtilities 0.0.231
Some Utilities to be used by Swift programs.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/stefanspringer1/SwiftUtilities.git", from: "0.0.231")


This is a collection of some Swift utilities.


Add the package in Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/stefanspringer1/SwiftUtilities", from: "...my minimal version..."),

Add as dependency of the target:

.product(name: "Utilities", package: "SwiftUtilities"),

Add an import statement in the source code:

import Utilities

API documentation

Build the API documentation using DocC, e.g. in Xcode via the Product / Build Documentation command. Include the --include-extended-types option (available since Swift 5.8) to also document extensions to types from other modules: swift package generate-documentation --include-extended-types.

[^1]: see the Swift issue SR-15410


  • AutoreleasepoolShim.swift: Allowing you the use of auto-release pools to optimize memory footprint on Darwin platforms while maintaining compatibility with Linux where this API is not implemented (and not necessary).
  • CharacterUtilities.swift: Some definitions to be useful when working with characters, e.g. for characterizing them. Contains extensions of String and UnicodeScalar.
  • DataTypes.swift: Definitons of some helpful data types.
  • Errors.swift: Definition of a basic error with desription, and of the usefule operator ?!.
  • FileUtilities.swift: Some definitions to be useful when working with files, e.g. URL.files(withPattern:findRecursively:) to find files. Contains extensions of FileHandle, URL, [URL], and String.
  • Lengths.swift: Some definitions useful when working with lengths (e.g. in layouts).
  • Parallel.swift: Utilities for parallel execution.
  • Process.swift: Definitions useful for running external programs.
  • Properties.swift: Some definitions for working with key-value properties lists in files.
  • SequenceUtilities.swift: Definitions useful when working with sequences. Contains extensions of Sequence.
  • StringUtilities.swift: Definitions useful when working with string and substrings. Contains extensions of String, [String], and StringProtocol.
  • SystemUtilities.swift: Some definitions useful e.g. to find out about the current platform.
  • TimeUtilities.swift: Some definitions useful when working with time, e.g. for measuring durations.


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