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Unofficial distribution of up to date WebRTC framework binaries for iOS and macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/stasel/WebRTC.git", from: "94.0.0")

WebRTC Binaries for iOS and macOS

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This repository contains unofficial distribution of WebRTC framework binaries for iOS and macOS.

Since version M80, Google has deprecated their mobile binary libraries distributions (Was officially using the GoogleWebRTC pod). To get the most up to date WebRTC library, you can compile it on your own, or you can use precompiled binaries from other sources.

πŸ“¦ Releases

The binary releases correspond with official Chromium releases and branches as specified in the Chromium dashboard.

πŸ’‘ Things to know

  • All binaries in this repository are compiled from the official WebRTC source code without any modifications to the sources code or to the output binaries.
  • Dynamic framework (xcframework format) which contains multiple binaries for both macOS and iOS.
  • Bitcode is included and this is the reason for the larger file size.

πŸ“’ Requirements

  • iOS 10+
  • macOS 10.11+

πŸ“€ Binaries included

Platform / arch armv7 arm64 x86 x86_x64
iOS (device) βœ… βœ… N/A N/A
iOS (simulator) N/A βœ… βœ… βœ…
macOS N/A βœ… N/A βœ…

macOS Catalyst is not supported.

🚚 Installation

Swift package manager

Xcode has a built-in support for Swift package manager. You can easily add the package by selecting File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency. Read more in Apple documentation.

Or, you can add the following dependency to your Package.swift file:

dependencies: [
    .Package(url: "https://github.com/stasel/WebRTC.git", .upToNextMajor("94.0.0"))

Use the latest branch to get the most up to date binary:

dependencies: [
    .Package(url: "https://github.com/stasel/WebRTC.git", .branch("latest"))


Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'WebRTC-lib'

And then run

pod install

Read more about Cocoapods: https://cocoapods.org


Requires Carthage version 0.38 or higher

Add the following dependency to the Cartfile in your project:

binary "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stasel/WebRTC/latest/WebRTC.json"

Then update the dependencies using the following command:

carthage update --use-xcframeworks

And finally, add the xcframework located in ./Carthage/Build/WebRTC.xcframework to your target(s) embedded frameworks.

Read more about Carthage: https://github.com/Carthage/Carthage


  1. Download the framework from the releases section.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Add the xcframework to your target(s) embedded frameworks.

πŸ‘· Usage

To import WebRTC to your code add the following import statement

import WebRTC

If you wish to see how to use WebRTC I highly recommend checking out my WebRTC demo iOS app: https://github.com/stasel/WebRTC-iOS

πŸ›  Compile your own WebRTC Frameworks

If you wish to compile your own WebRTC binary framework, please refer to the following official guide: https://webrtc.googlesource.com/src/+/refs/heads/master/docs/native-code/ios/index.md

You can also take a look at the build script I created for more details.

πŸ“ƒ License


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Release Notes

4 days ago

Release notes: https://groups.google.com/g/discuss-webrtc/c/tFyWdqW2sQM WebRTC Branch: branch-heads/4606 WebRTC Commit: b83487f08ff836437715b488f73416215e5570dd SHA 256 checksum: 8b566fa9afc54da1ab70ce2bdad5b7d86099836732ca46a9962f7536bea0b78b

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