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snabble/snabble-ios-sdk 0.24.0
The snabble iOS SDK
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.package(url: "https://github.com/snabble/snabble-ios-sdk.git", from: "0.24.0")


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snabble - the self-scanning and checkout platform.


Starting with the 0.22.2 release, Snabble officially supports installation via Swift Package Manager.

Prior to version 0.22.2 only Cocoapods is supported


  • Requires Xcode 12.5 or above
  • See Package.swift for supported platform versions.

Installing from Xcode

Add a package by selecting FileAdd Packages… in Xcode’s menu bar.

Search for the Snabble Apple SDK using the repo's URL:


Next, set the Dependency Rule to be Up to Next Major Version and specify 0.22.2 as the lower bound.

Then, select Add Package.

Choose the Snabble products that you want installed in your app.

Alternatively, add Firebase to a Package.swift manifest

To integrate via a Package.swift manifest instead of Xcode, you can add Firebase to the dependencies array of your package:

    name: "Snabble",
    url: "https://github.com/snabble/snabble-ios-sdk.git",
    .upToNextMajor(from: "0.22.2")

Then, in any target that depends on a Firebase product, add it to the dependencies array of that target:

  name: "MyTargetName",
  dependencies: [
    // The product(s) you want (e.g. SnabbleCore).
    .product(name: "SnabbleCore", package: "Snabble"),

Optional components

In order to use the twint and postFinanceCard payment methods, you will also need to include 'SnabbleDatatrans' as package in your app. During the app's initialization phase you will then need to call DatatransFactory.initialize() with your app's registered URL scheme to make these methods available.

Note that support for these payment methods also requires changes to your app's Info.plist as described in Datatrans' SDK documentation, as well as adding a URL scheme that can be used to pass data back to your app, e.g. by adding



Snabble follows semantic versioning rules. Note that we are currently in initial development, with major version 0. Anything may change at any time.



Example project

The Example folder contains an extremely simple example for an app. To compile:

$ git clone https://github.com/snabble/snabble-ios-sdk
$ cd snabble-ios-sdk/Example
$ open SnabbleSampleApp.xcodeproj

To run this sample app, you will need an application identifier and a corresponding secret. Contact us via e-mail for this information.


snabble GmbH, Bonn https://snabble.io


snabble is (c) 2021 snabble GmbH, Bonn. The SDK is made available under the MIT License.


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Release Notes

3 days ago


  • DeveloperMode with 5 tabs on profile version field
  • Default developer password is "Snabble" customizable via AssetProviding key "SnabbleDeveloperPassword"
  • CheckIn / CheckOut for selected shops in DeveloperMode
  • Last Purchases and Receipts available for DynamicViews (eg. Dashboard / Profile Tab in SampleApp)
  • New WidgetMultiValue and corresponding SwiftUI view to display/store UserDefault Values


  • AutoLayout-Helper Dependencies - Moved function in the SDK
  • Public init for ShoppingCart
  • Update device location to search for shops


  • updated certificates
  • renamed ProductProvider to ProductStore
  • renamed ProductStore functions by removing unnamed (underscore) arguments
  • Information Widget takes full width
  • Change GateKeeper text to nil
  • Inflight Checkoout Status prüfen APPS-546
  • SwiftUI modification error APPS-523
  • Beenden der App während des Bezahlvorgangs APPS-421


  • datatrans/ios-sdk 2.4.0 (was 2.3.0)
  • groue/GRDB.swift 6.3.1 (was 6.0.0)
  • devicekit/DeviceKit 5.0.0 (was 4.7.0)

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