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skiptools/skip 0.6.74
Skip transpiler for converting SwiftUI iOS apps into Android Kotlin Compose apps
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.package(url: "https://github.com/skiptools/skip.git", from: "0.6.74")


Skip is a technology for creating dual-platform mobile apps in Swift and SwiftUI. This repository houses the skip tool for creating, managing, testing, and packaging Skip projects.


See the Skip product's Getting Started documentation for system requirements and installation instructions.


Once installed, the skip tool is self-documenting. Use the help command to see a full list of other available commands:

% skip help

You can also get help on a particular command. For example, to see details and available options for the skip doctor command:

% skip help doctor

See the Skip product documentation for common use cases, including how to use skip to start a Skip app and start a dual-platform Skip library.


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Release Notes

11 hours ago

Skip release 0.6.74.

bd9deae4eb04039d7c0c57eb1b7a346f8fd9d04719bb537b4bb8ec5a7bafd20f  skip.zip

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