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SkedGo's TripKit for iOS (and macOS)
.package(url: "https://github.com/skedgo/tripkit-ios.git", from: "v3.2")

TripGo API SkedGo's TripKit for iOS

platforms CocoaPods Carthage compatible


TripKit is copyright 2011-2020 by SkedGo Pty Ltd


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Release Notes

1 year ago

Now requires iOS 10.3


  • Added TKSettings.ignoreCostToReturnCarHireVehicle to ignore the cost of returning, say, a pod-based car share to its pick-up location
  • Added Kingfisher convenience methods for setting UIButton images which sets the scale according to the file name
  • Added more convenience methods to SGLocationManager+Rx and added some documentation
  • Added TKBuzzInfoProvider.fetchWheelchairSupportInformation convenience method
  • Added method to opt-out of restoring the last viewed map rect in ASMapManager
  • Added real-time vehicle components to API.Vehicle and Vehicle which provides information of how the physical structure of vehicles
  • Added TKTrainOccupancyView to display the per-carriage occupancy of a train
  • Added TKSectionedAlertViewController for displaying all transit alerts in a region
  • Added TKPathFriendliness enum, which now includes "dismount"
  • Updated TKPathFriendlinessView to also include "dismount" section where appropriate
  • Added TKTurnByTurnMode and segment.turnByTurnMode
  • Adds TKFileCache for easier caching


  • Moved method to sign in with CloudKitID from TripKitBookings to TripKit
  • TKDepartureView can now be used without SGTrackItem
  • TKAppleGeocoder replaces SGAppleGeocoder, now with much improved autocompletion
  • TKPeliasGeocoder replaces TKMapZenGeocoder and is now using SkedGo's Pelias backend
  • When enabling or disabling the wheelchair mode, wheelchair information for public transport will also be toggled on and off accordingly
  • SGCalendarManager now shows events in next 24h when autocompleting empty string
  • SGAutocompletionDataSource now has a new interface and is using Rx, resulting in faster autocompletion
  • SGAddressBookManager is now using locale for formatting addresses, not always using Australian style
  • API.Vehicle.Occupancy is now API.VehicleOccupancy, and vehicle.occupancy is moved into the components of API.Vehicle and Vehicle
  • vehicle.wifi is moved into the components of API.Vehicle and Vehicle


  • Removed TGAgendaWidgetInfoView
  • Removed X-TripGo-UUID header being passed along with server calls


  • Fixed TKLocationProvider.fetchLocations which didn't parse responses
  • Fixed test failures due to hitting non-production backend
  • Various robustness fixes addressing occasional and hard-to-reproduce crashes

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