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This package offers a collection of data structures and algorithms written in Swift. This includes well-known data structures and algorithms such as Djikstra's shortest path algorithm, as well as algorithms for specific problems such as checking whether a string contains all unique characters.

Each data structures and algorithm class also has a corresponding unit test with, if applicable, a link to test data/further decription.


This swift package can be used freely, see https://github.com/sjaindl/DataStructuresAlgs/blob/master/DataStructuresAlgorithms/LICENSE for license notes.


No special prerequisites required. You just need an IDE (preferably Xcode) and clone the source code: git clone https://github.com/sjaindl/DataStructuresAlgs.git

You can execute all unit tests in DataStructuresAlgorithmsTest target or just run the testAll() function in DataStructuresAlgorithmsTests.


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