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SwiftUI Package for Configurable Confetti Animation πŸŽ‰
.package(url: "https://github.com/simibac/ConfettiSwiftUI.git", from: "0.2.1")

:confetti_ball: ConfettiSwiftUI :confetti_ball:

Swift package for displaying configurable confetti animation.

Find the demo project here.


It requires iOS 14 and Xcode 12!

In Xcode go to File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency and paste in the repo's url: https://github.com/simibac/ConfettiSwiftUI and select master branch.


Import the package in the file you would like to use it: import ConfettiSwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {
    @State var counter:Int = 0

    var body: some View {
            Text("πŸŽ‰").font(.system(size: 50)).onTapGesture(){counter += 1}
            ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter)


Added an example project, with iOS target: https://github.com/simibac/ConfettiSwiftUIDemo


You can use the configurator app in demo project here to make your desired animation or get inspired by one of the many examples.

Default Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter1)

Color and Size Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter2, colors: [.red, .black], confettiSize: 20)

Repeat Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter3, repetitions: 3, repetitionInterval: 0.7)

Firework Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter4, num: 50, openingAngle: Angle(degrees: 0), closingAngle: Angle(degrees: 360), radius: 200)

Emoji Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter5, confettis: [.text("❀️"), .text("πŸ’™"), .text("πŸ’š"), .text("🧑")])

Endless Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter6, num:1, confettis: [.text("πŸ’©")], confettiSize: 20, repetitions: 100, repetitionInterval: 0.1)

Make-it-Rain Configuration


ConfettiCannon(counter: $counter7, num:1, confettis: [.text("πŸ’΅"), .text("πŸ’Ά"), .text("πŸ’·"), .text("πŸ’΄")], confettiSize: 30, repetitions: 50, repetitionInterval: 0.1)


parameter type description default
counter Binding on any change of this variable triggers the animation 0
num Int amount of confettis 20
confettis [ConfettiType] list of shapes and text [.shape(.circle), .shape(.triangle), .shape(.square), .shape(.slimRectangle), .shape(.roundedCross)]
colors [Color] list of colors applied to the default shapes [.blue, .red, .green, .yellow, .pink, .purple, .orange]
confettiSize CGFloat size that confettis and emojis are scaled to 10.0
rainHeight CGFloat vertical distance that confettis pass 600.0
fadesOut Bool size that confettis and emojis are scaled to true
opacity Double maximum opacity during the animation 1.0
openingAngle Angle boundary that defines the opening angle in degrees Angle.degrees(60)
closingAngle Angle boundary that defines the closing angle in degrees Angle.degrees(120)
radius CGFloat explosion radius 300.0
repetitions Int number of repetitions for the explosion 0
repetitionInterval Double duration between the repetitions 1.0


The following projects have integrated ConfettiSwiftUI in their App.


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