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shvets/SimpleHttpClient 1.0.9
Simple Swift HTTP client project
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.package(url: "https://github.com/shvets/SimpleHttpClient.git", from: "1.0.9")


Simple Swift HTTP client package.

How to use library

Basic usage

Create client:

import SimpleHttpClient

let url = URL(string: "https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com")

var client = ApiClient(url!)

Create request:

let request = ApiRequest(path: "posts")

Get data asynchronously:

client.fetch(request) { (result) in
  switch result {
    case .success(let response):
      processData(client, response.data)

    case .failure(let error):
      print("Error: \(error)")

or synchronously:

let response = try Await.await() { handler in
  client.fetch(request, handler)

if let response = response, let data = response.data {
  processData(client, response.data)
else {
  print("Error: \(error)")

Here we are using await function that is converting asynchronous action into synchronous based on semaphores.

Creating different types of request

During request creation you can specify path, queryItems, method, headers or body. For example:

// 1.
let postRequest = ApiRequest(path: "posts", method: .post)

// 2.
var queryItems: Set<URLQueryItem> = []
queryItems.insert(URLQueryItem(name: "color", value: "red"))

let requestWithQuery = ApiRequest(path: "posts", queryItems: queryItems)

// 3.
let body = content.data(using: .utf8, allowLossyConversion: false)
let postWithBodyRequest = ApiRequest(path: "posts", method: .post, body: body)

Converting raw data into objects

Api client has generic code for helping to decode data into appropriate structure. For example, if you know that response is a list of posts:

struct Post: Codable {
  let userId: Int
  let id: Int
  let title: String
  let body: String

your processData() method may look like this:

func processData(client: ApiClient, data: Data?) {
  if let data = data {
    do {
      let posts = try client.decode(data, to: [Post].self)
      if let posts = posts {
    catch {
      println("Error during decoding: \(error)")

Working with html response

If you need to parse http response you can use SwiftSoup library (https://github.com/scinfu/SwiftSoup).

import Foundation
import SwiftSoup

extension Data {
  public func toDocument(encoding: String.Encoding = .utf8) throws -> Document? {
    var document: Document?

    if let html = String(data: self, encoding: encoding) {
      document = try SwiftSoup.parse(html)

    return document

func processData(client: ApiClient, data: Data?) {
  if let data = data {
    do {
      let document = try data.toDocument(encoding: .utf8)
      if let document = document {
        let articles = try document.select("div[class=article]")

        for article in articles.array() {
          let name = try article.attr("name")
          let link = try article.attr("link")
          print("Article: \(article), link: \(link)")
    catch {
      println("Error during decoding: \(error)")
# Commands
swift package generate-xcodeproj
swift package init --type=executable
swift package init --type=library
swift package resolve
swift build
swift test -l
swift test -s <testname>
swift package show-dependencies
swift package show-dependencies --format json
swift -I .build/debug -L .build/debug -lSimpleHttpClient
./.build/debug/grabbook https://audioknigi.club/zeland-vadim-zhrica-itfat
./.build/debug/grabbook --boo http://audioboo.ru/umor/17092-heller-dzhozef-popravka-22.html
./.build/debug/grabbook --zvook http://bookzvuk.ru/zhizn-i-neobyichaynyie-priklyucheniya-soldata-ivana-chonkina-1-litso-neprikosnovennoe-vladimir-voynovich-audiokniga-onlayn/


git tag 1.0.9
git push --tags



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