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iOS package protecting service

PkgProtect - Jailbreak Detector

PkgProtect is advanced jailbreak detection for iOS. It can be utilize for preventing your application from cheating.

Test Result

Jailbreakers sometimes use faker that fake jailbroke environment to avoid blocking from app such as Pokemon Go & PayPal.

PkgProtect will detect jailbroken iOS with any faker.

iOS Version Device BreakThrough Result
iOS 9.3.5 iPod Touch 5th None Detect
iOS 9.3.5 iPod Touch 5th BreakThrough Detect
iOS 9.3.5 iPod Touch 5th Liberty Detect

Why disabling Cydia path check

Checking Cydia path is no worth to detect joilbroken device currently.


  • Shota Shimazu


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Initial release - 2021-02-06T14:47:30