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shotastage/CoreOverlay v0.0.8
Quick DHT program coder with Swift
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🕓 40 weeks ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/shotastage/CoreOverlay.git", from: "v0.0.8")



This framework is now under construction...

This framework provides utilities that make or integrate structured overlay network.

Overlay Feature

  • Kademlia Based Protocol
  • Fast consensus algs
  • Abstracted P2P IO

Package Structure

✅ Work 🔴 Not work 🟡 Partially work

Package Name Status Description
CoreOverlay 🟡 Main package of this framework
CLI 🟡 Commandline tools for CoreOverlay package
Runtime 🟡 WebAssembly embeded runtime
OverlayFundation 🟡 CoreOverlay utility package
RS-Wasmer ⚪️ Standalone wasmer runtime will be deprecated due to JIT-compiler restriction policy.

Self Build Instruction

Currently, we supports iOS *.framework build or Swift Package distribution.

To make standalone framework, you can use Makefile running make build.


This software is licensed under the MIT, see LICENSE for detail.


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Release Notes

40 weeks ago

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