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Note: This is a proof of concept that hasn't been tested in production. The core functionality should be sound, but the code is primarily being published as a reference and likely will not be maintained. Use at your own discretion!

PublisherQueue is a class that manages the serial or concurrent execution of Combine publishers. It can be used to serialise asynchronous tasks larger than a single closure, or to place an upper bound on concurrency between publishers (by customising the maxConcurrentPublishers argument).

For example, if not for the maximum of 1 concurrent publisher, the following code would exhibit a data race on the count variable, and the count would be unlikely to match the expected total.

let total = 1000
let group = DispatchGroup()
let queue = PublisherQueue(size: total) // maxConcurrentPublishers = .max(1)

var count = 0
var subscriptions = Set<AnyCancellable>()

for i in 0 ..< total {
  let publisher = Just(i)
    .subscribe(on: DispatchQueue.global())
    .enqueue(on: queue)

  publisher.sink { _ in
    count += 1
  }.store(in: &subscriptions)

print("Expected: \(total), received: \(count)")
// Expected: 1000, received: 1000


PublisherQueue is Copyright © 2020 Adam Sharp. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.


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