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shareup/sqlite v21.1.4
SQLite.Database is a simple Swift wrapper around SQLite
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.package(url: "https://github.com/shareup/sqlite.git", from: "v21.1.4")


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SQLite is a simple wrapper around GRDB.

This library started its life as a simple Swift wrapper around SQLite focused on allowing clients to subscribe to specific SQL queries and receive updates via Combine publishers whenever the query results changed. As time went on, though, the maintainer of this library focused his attention elsewhere. Meanwhile, GRDB continued to improve. Starting in August 2023, the maintainer of this library decided to replace the majority of its internals with GRDB, while keeping most of the external API and behavior of SQLite consistent.


Swift Package Manager

To use SQLite with the Swift Package Manager, add a dependency to your Package.swift file:

let package = Package(
  dependencies: [
      url: "https://github.com/shareup/sqlite.git",
      from: "21.0.0"


The license for SQLite is the standard MIT licence. You can find it in the LICENSE file.

GRDB License

The license for GRDB is the standard MIT license. You can find it here.


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Last commit: 10 weeks ago
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Release Notes

10 weeks ago
  • Use file coordinators to safely access the database when calling truncate() and close() in order to, hopefully, put an end to the flaky Xcode Cloud test failures I've been seeing since moving to IMMEDIATE transactions.

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