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scribd/Weaver 1.1.5
Dependency Injection framework for Swift (iOS/macOS/Linux)
⭐️ 720
🕓 25 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
25 weeks ago
• Added a new `.project` parameter to specify dependencies by arbitrary project name.
45 weeks ago
- Fixed a bug where the `.platforms` annotation was not always being respected. This would cause cross platform dependencies to show up in the testing container. - Fixed a bug with the command line parameter project-path not being applied to the output directories in the yaml file.
1 year ago
This fixes a few issues: - added a new configuration property `product_name`. - two (or more) dependencies that rely on the same concrete class that fulfills multiple abstractions. - a compile issue where dependency containers for a framework marked `@objc` would collide in the Xcode autogenerated bridging header. - fixed the `ignored_paths` configuration property.
1 year ago
Fixes a bug with nested declarations that include parameters and have an InternalDependencyResolver.
1 year ago
• Weaver 1.1.0 adopts a new memory pattern in the dependency container from the original 1.0.0 design. It now relies on a private copied class object instead of weak referencing up the tree.
1 year ago
- Fixed transient dependencies. All inherited transient depenencies by child nodes will now always generate a unique instance of that object. Additionally, this fixes an over-retain issue inside of the dependency containers that was caused by transient dependencies. (4389561196f7246757315017b11bd5a943f9d186)
3 years ago
**Bug fixes** - Fixed root dependency container builder function not being accessible when one or more dependencies are resolved by type ([6dc670](https://github.com/scribd/Weaver/commit/ef02fc557a1e757cd4542313f5f936ea5b6dc670)) - Fixed runtime crash caused by dependency references declared with a different name than their resolved registration ([f5f52d](https://github.com/scribd/Weaver/commit/f4c0942a554efed6585b6bc9b86212d48ff5f52d))
3 years ago
**New features** - Possibility to associate dependencies to one or more platforms in order to support multi platform compilation (#148). - Possibility to exclude or include modules to import in generated files (#148). **Bug fixes** - Parameter `--input_paths` was wrongly requiring whitespaces and slashes to be escaped (#148). - Cache was unable to save if the containing directory wouldn't exist (#148). - Cache was not invalidated when removing paths from the input paths list (#148).
3 years ago
**New features** - New option to disable all SwiftLint warnings / errors (#144). Thanks @happynik! **Bug fix** - Tests file is back to `WeaverTests.swift` rather than `Weaver.swift`
3 years ago
**New features** - Mint support (#143, #135). Thanks @jimmya! **Improvements** - Renamed proxy resolvers to align their name with other resolvers (#133). Thanks @MontakOleg! **Bug fixes** - Fixed parsing of generic types (#137).
scribd/LiveCollections beta_0.9.15
Automatically perform UITableView and UICollectionView animations between two sets of immutable data. It supports generic data types and is fully thread-safe.
⭐️ 340
🕓 1 year ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
3 weeks ago
- Update CollectionDataAnimationDelegate to include more timing options. - Update minimum version to iOS 11.0.
LiveCollections v1
1 year ago
This is the official first major release of LiveCollections, a framework that will calculate the difference between two immutable data sets and perform the animation logic in the table or collection view for you. It has full support built in for the UIKit classes UITableView and UICollectionView, and can also be customized to support custom classes. Using LiveCollections you can automate collection animations without writing any animation code at all! Instead just perform three short steps: 1. Adopt the `UniquelyIdentifiable` protocol on your data type. 2. Create a `CollectionData` object to hold the data and receive updated arrays. 3. Point the `CollectionData` object to your view. And LiveCollections will animate the change between your data sets without any additional information required.

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