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sbooth/CSQLite 3.44.2
SQLite packaged for the Swift Package Manager
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.package(url: "https://github.com/sbooth/CSQLite.git", from: "3.44.2")


SQLite packaged for the Swift Package Manager.

The package contains the SQLite amalgamation built using the recommended compile-time options.

The default build configuration includes the FTS5 extension, built-in SQL math functions, the R*Tree index extension, database snapshots, sqlite_stmt table, and the sqlite_stat4 table.

Additionally, the carray, decimal, ieee754, series, sha3, and uuid extensions are statically linked.

The package also includes shims for various C functions not easily accessible from Swift.


SQLite is in the public domain.


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Release Notes

SQLite 3.44.2
2 days ago

SQLite 3.44.2 release notes

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