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A suite of libraries for data science & high performance computation in Swift
.package(url: "https://github.com/saeta/penguin.git", from: "sr-12940")


Explore the ideas of data frames, accelerated compute, tables, data structures, and distributed data in Swift.



Below is the aspirational roadmap (at an extremely high level) for the high-level goals:

  • Parse from CSV.
  • Finish up base API & document it. (Incomplete list of needs: appending rows, support in-place mutations everywhere, more powerful sorting, remove unnecessary APIs)
  • Optimize PIndexSet representations.
  • Refactor internals around a parallelism model from PenguinParallel.
  • Optimize backing store for PTypedColumn, including adding support for larger-than-RAM & file formats like Arrow.
  • Add querying / group-by support (including support for a PTableGroup --- alternate names wanted).
  • Parallelize the implementation of the operators.
  • Investigate hardware acceleration & JIT code-gen.
  • Distributed orchestration of computation.

Extensions (help wanted):

  • Connect to databases.
  • Parse additional file formats.

This is not an officially supported Google product.


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