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Clear Derived Data

Simple utility to quickly clear your DerivedData directory by typing cdd from the Terminal.



To install using Homebrew run the tap command to clone the third-party repository containing the formula:

brew tap rwbutler/tools

Next install the package:

brew install cdd


To install manually, download the Swift script named main.swift and copy to a suitable location locally. Rename to cdd.swift (or another convenient name) and then to run either type:

swift cdd.swift 

Which should produce the output:

DerivedData cleared.

If you give the script execute permission using:

chmod 755 cdd.swift

This will allow you to conveniently run the script as follows:


Additionally you may wish to create an alias in Terminal for convenience.


In order to run simply type:


Which should result in the following output:

DerivedData cleared.


DerivedData empty.

If the directory is already empty.

By default, Clear Derived Data moves your DerivedData directory to Trash. If you wish to remove the directory permanently use the -f switch as follows:

cdd -f

You can print additional information using the verbose switch -v as follows:

cdd -v


Ross Butler


Clear Derived Data is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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