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Automatic Swift bindings for Epic Online Services / EOSSDK.framework
.package(url: "https://github.com/roman-dzieciol/swift-eos-build.git", from: "0.0.1")


Swift bindings generator for Epic Online Services framework.

This tool takes the C language EOSSDK.framework as input and generates object oriented Swift bindings for the C SDK.

The Swift API uses only Swift types. All pointers required by the C SDK are managed internally.

The outputted macos-x86_64 framework is currently just for non-prod unit test purposes, as the iOS one is currently available for ios-arm64, which doesn't allow launching unit tests.

Step by step instructions

First, Download the iOS and C version of EOS SDK from https://dev.epicgames.com/portal/

Place the contents of the archives parallel to this source code repository, ie:

  • /Users/username/repositories/EOS-SDK-IOS-16697186-v1/SDK/Bin/IOS/EOSSDK.framework
  • /Users/username/repositories/EOS-SDK-16697186-v1/SDK/Bin/libEOSSDK-Mac-Shipping
  • /Users/username/repositories/swift-eos-build/

Then, edit eos-version.txt and eos-version.macos.txt if needed so that it contains the versions/names of the folders above, ie EOS-SDK-IOS-16697186-v1 and EOS-SDK-16697186-v1

There are two ways you can launch it:

1) (Recommended) Launch with Xcode

This will allow you to debug and see all the log messages. You will need to perform some setup manually.

  1. Launch ./Scripts/build-clang-module to create a patched version of the SDK
  2. Launch ./Scripts/dump-eossdk-ast.sh to get the AST of SDK headers
  3. Open Package.swift in Xcode, change the scheme to swift-eos-build, and device to MacOS
  4. Run the scheme to compile and launch the tool

The script steps are needed only once for each version of SDK.

2) (Simple) Launch from commandline or Finder

This will perform the two steps above, then compile and launch the tool.

  1. Launch swift-eos-build.command from commandline or Finder

To see the debug logs from commandline output, open Console.app before launching then search or filter for subsystem dev.roman.eos

I recommend launching from Xcode as this is still under development.


The bindings will be in ./Temp/EOS-SDK-IOS-16697186-v1/Bindings subdirectory of the repo.

You can use them as Swift package, or copy them all (or some) to your project.

Binding depend on the emitter ./Temp/EOS-SDK-IOS-16697186-v1/EOSSDK.xcframework bundle. For local development you can symlink it into your package directory.


By default nothing will be overwritten, so if you try to launch it again you'll get an error.

To move automatically the generated output to trash, add --allow-delete to Xcode scheme's arguments, or to the swift-eos-build.sh commandline.



Patches the C EOSSDK.framework so that it can be imported into Swift projects


Outputs clang AST of the EOS SDK, including comment nodes, for use by SwiftEOSBuild


Outputs Swift API for EOS SDK, including all neccesary memory management code


By default, scripts expect the official EOS SDK to be placed in ../SDK/<EOS Version>/EOSSDK.framework folder, relative to the repository.


Temp/<EOS Version>/Bindings/EOS

  • Object oriented Swift bindings API for the EOSSDK.framework
  • All pointers required by C framework are managed internally
  • Depends on EOSSDK.framework

./Temp/<EOS Version>/EOSSDK.framework

  • A patched version of the official SDK, includes a Swift modulemap and tweaks to headers so that the framework can be imported into Swift projects

./Temp/<EOS Version>/EOSSDK.xcframework

  • The modified framework packaged as xcframework for Swift Package Manager compatibility


  • Emitted C EOS SDK AST in Clang JSON format, including comment nodes, for internal use by the tooling

./Temp/<EOS Version>/TestableEOSSDK

  • Emitted C Headers & implementation for special testable version of EOS SDK
  • Public API & ABI is identical to official release, so can be used in place of standard SDK.
  • EOSSDK implementation is replaced with calls to public function pointers, which tests can customize.
  • Provide function pointer implementations to test values that EOSSDK api receives and return custom results.
  • Use for end-to-end unit/performance/allocation tests only
  • See also: https://github.com/roman-dzieciol/swift-eos-test


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Release Notes

1 week ago

EOS SDK repackaged as Swift-compatible xcframework

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