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A UI component library for SwiftUI apps that target iOS, macOS and watchOS. RMSwiftUI was created so that Roddy Munro could reuse certain UI components across multiple apps.
.package(url: "https://github.com/roddymunro/RMSwiftUI.git", from: "1.0.4")


RMSwiftUI is a UI component library for SwiftUI apps that target iOS, macOS and watchOS. RMSwiftUI was created so that Roddy Munro could reuse certain UI components across multiple apps. After spending some time as a private repository, this package was reorganised so that each component can be installed to a project as its own library and then made public for others to use and contribute to.

UI components that are included:

  • ActivityViewController - a port of the UIKit equivalent, necessary for saving and sharing data
  • BarButton - a wrapper for Button that can be used for NavigationView items
  • CardView - a simple 'card' component, a common design choice in modern iOS apps
  • ChangeIconGrid - a fully functional alternative app icon selector
  • EmptyMessage - when data isn't available, this can be used to display a message explaining why
  • FormField - a collection of different form fields, with customisable labels, placeholders, and more. Additional fields are available for handling currency and numbers.
  • ImagePicker - a port of the UIKit equivalent, useful for obtaining photos from the camera roll.
  • Onboarding - a simple view that can be used for onboarding new users
  • Profile - a collection of views for displaying a user's profile
  • ScrollingHStackModifier - a ViewModifier that allows your ScrollView to snap to a particular item - built on top of Jean-Mac's tutorial
  • SearchBar - a simple search bar that can be used to filter out data
  • SettingsRow - a customisable cell that looks great on a Settings screen
  • SocialButton - great for linking to your social network pages
  • StyledLabel - a customisable label that can have different style icons, fonts and more
  • SubscribeOption - used in a Subscription view, this is great if you have different subscription plans
  • TagList - used in a Form, this allow you to select different tags and add new ones - built on top of this StackOverflow answer


Swift Package Manager

To install, simply add this repository as a Swift Package: https://github.com/roddymunro/RMSwiftUI.git

When prompted, you can select one, many or all of the libraries that are shown on screen.


To use the libraries inside your app, you will need to import the desired library into your module like so:

import RMSwiftUICore
import RMSettingsRow
// etc...

I recommend diving into the codebase to familiarise yourself with the names of the libraries and the components.


I welcome any contributions! I just ask that you please raise a Pull Request so that I can check that any changes doesn't break any of my apps. I rely on all of the components in here in my apps.


I use this repository across my apps, and as such, I may modify components drastically as my UI design style evolves over time.


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