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Main components for Swift ESP-IDF
.package(url: "https://github.com/robkerr/esp-idf-swift.git", from: "0.1.10")


This repository is a restructure of the ESP-IDF code into a repository that supports Swift Package Manager, while maintaining support for CocoaPods. This is meant as a reference implementation for adding SPM support to the main ESP-IDF library.

To support both package managers, the Objective-C modules are refactored into their own repository: esp-idf-objc

This is done because for Swift Package Manager, the Objective-C module is its own target, and thus its own module. If the Objective-C code is its own module, then for CocoaPods it needs to be its own Pod, which implies its own git repo/podspec.

In total the following structure changes were implemented as part of this refactor:

  • .m and .h modules moved to esp-idf-objc
  • source code relocated below Sources folder (SPM expectation)
  • for esp-idf-objc, the module name CESPProvision was used (suggested as convention by swift package manager docs)
  • for esp-idf-objc, the umbrella .h file renamed CESPProvision.h, and located in Sources/include folder (per SPM spec)
  • In the esp-idf-swift moduoe, added "Import CESPProvision" to the following files: CryptoAES.swift, ESPExtensions.swift, ESPDevice.swift. This is needed since the C functions are in their own module.
  • .podspec for esp-idf-swift is modified slightly to point to the Sources folder for .swift files
  • .podspec for esp-idf-swift adds a dependency to esp-idf-objc
  • .podspec for esp-idf-objc created
  • Package.swift created for both esp-idf-objc and esp-idf-swift.

The resulting experience for developers:

  • CocoaPod users would integreate the library as before, by adding pod ESPProvision to their Podfile
  • Swift Package Manager users would add the Swift Package from within Xcode using the .git url, e.g. https://github.com/robkerr/esp-idf-swift
  • For both CocoaPods and SPM, the dependent C module will be imported automatically.


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