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richiefi/richiesdk-ios 202311.40.0
Repository for Richie SDK for iOS releases
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.package(url: "https://github.com/richiefi/richiesdk-ios.git", from: "202311.40.0")

Richie SDK for iOS

Welcome to the Richie SDK for iOS releases repository!

This repository contains Cocoapods and more recently Swift Package Manager builds of the Richie SDKs. Each release is tagged and can be found in releases.

To integrate the Swift Package Manager package, you can add the repo to a Xcode project or if you are building with SPM, specify a dependecy like the following:

.package(url: "https://github.com/richiefi/richiesdk-ios", exact: "202208.42.0")

A note about versioning: the Richie SDKs don't follow semantic versioning, instead opting for a date based format that looks like yyyymmm.number, where number is just an incrementing number. Swift Package Manager assumes semver and does not like a version with just one dot. We'll be transitioning to two-dotted version numbers in future releases, but for now, you can add a .0 to an existing release and it'll find the right version.


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Last commit: 2 weeks ago
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Release Notes

2 weeks ago

This release includes an updated TokenProvider flow that follows this schema:


  • New property featuredUntil in Edition, an optional date that can be used to feature editions until a certain date (#2874)
  • Support reading edition covers as data (#2896)
  • Better threading assertion messages, improvements to docs (#2905)
  • Fix assert fail when updating editions on disk (#2925)
  • New API for getting the edition counts grouped by year/month (#2946) See EditionProvider
  • Don't use background tasks for downloading ad creatives (#2952)
  • Updated TokenProvider flow (#2951)
  • Fix concurrency problems in database access code (#2955)

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