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Laravel Page Speed

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Simple package to minify HTML output on demand which results in a 35%+ optimization.

Installation is easy

You can install the package via composer:

$ composer require renatomarinho/laravel-page-speed

Laravel 5.5 and up

You don't have to do anything else, this package uses the Package Auto-Discovery feature, and should be available as soon as you install it via Composer.

Laravel 5.4 or 5.3

Add the Service Provider to your config/app.php: RenatoMarinho\LaravelPageSpeed\ServiceProvider::class

This is required for publishing the configuration file:

Publish configuration file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="RenatoMarinho\LaravelPageSpeed\ServiceProvider"

Register Middlewares

Next, the \RenatoMarinho\LaravelPageSpeed\Middleware\CollapseWhitespace::class and other middleware must be registered in the kernel:


protected $middleware = [


Before of Laravel Page Speed


After of Laravel Page Speed

Roadmap : Filters

Name Description Available
inline_css Inlines small external CSS files YES
elide_attributes Removes unnecessary attributes in HTML tags YES
insert_dns_prefetch Injects tags in the HEAD to enable the browser to do DNS prefetching YES
remove_quotes Removes unnecessary quotes in HTML tags YES
trim_urls Removes unnecessary prefixes from URLs YES
collapse_whitespace Removes unnecessary whitespace in HTML YES
remove_comments Removes HTML comments YES
combine_css Combines multiple CSS files into one NO
combine_heads Combines multiple elements into one NO
combine_javascript Combines multiple JavaScript files into one NO
dedup_inlined_images Replaces repeated inlined images with JavaScript that loads the data from the first instance of the image NO
defer_javascript Defers the execution of javascript in the HTML NO
pedantic Adds default type attributes to script and style tags that are missing them NO
extend_cache Improves cacheability NO
fallback_rewrite_css_urls Rewrite URLs in CSS even if CSS is not parseable NO
flatten_css_imports Flattens @import rules in CSS by replacing the rule with the contents of the imported resource NO
hint_preload_subresources Inserts link: headers to preload CSS and JavaScript resources NO
inline_google_font_css Inlines small font-loading CSS from Google Fonts API NO
inline_import_to_link Inlines style tags comprising only CSS @imports by converting them to an equivalent link NO
inline_javascript Inlines small external Javascript files NO
inline_preview_images Delays original images; serves inlined, low-quality placeholder images until originals are loaded NO
insert_ga Inserts Google Analytics javascript snippet NO
lazyload_images Loads images when they become visible in the client viewport NO
local_storage_cache Loads inlined CSS and image resources into HTML5 local storage whence the client fetches them subsequently rather than the server sending them again NO
make_show_ads_async Converts synchronous Google AdSense tags to asynchronous format NO
make_google_analytics_async Converts synchronous Google Analytics code to load asynchronously NO
move_css_above_scripts Moves CSS above scripts NO
move_css_to_head Moves CSS into the element NO
outline_css Moves large inline