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REES46 iOS SDK Swift
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REES46 SDK is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'REES46'

Swift Package Manager

If you are using Xcode 11 or later:

  1. Click File
  2. Swift Packages
  3. Add Package Dependency...
  4. Specify the git URL for REES46 SDK repo.


SDK is used for several tasks:

  1. Initialize SDK and user's session
  2. Events tracking
  3. Product recommendations
  4. Product search
  5. Populate user's profile with new data
  6. Send mobile push token
  7. Utilities


Initialize SDK object and use it anywhere in your application. (!) Remember to initialize SDK only once on application launch.

import REES46
var sdk = createPersonalizationSDK(shopId: "API_KEY")

Or with completion to handle problems:

import REES46
sdk = createPersonalizationSDK(shopId: "API_KEY", { (error) in

Events tracking

Track user's behavior to collect data. There are several types of events:

User viewed a product

// Common view
sdk.track(event: .productView(id: "PRODUCT_ID")) { _ in
  print("Product view callback")

// From instant search
sdk.track(event: .productView(id: "PRODUCT_ID"), recommendedBy: 'instant_search') { _ in
  print("Product view callback")

// From full search
sdk.track(event: .productView(id: "PRODUCT_ID"), recommendedBy: 'full_search') { _ in
  print("Product view callback")

// From recommender block - use block ID for recommendedBy parameter
sdk.track(event: .productView(id: "PRODUCT_ID"), recommendedBy: 'WTJc23B2pTBsgc0e') { _ in
  print("Product view callback")

User viewed a category

sdk.track(event: .categoryView(id: "CATEGORY_ID")) { _ in
  print("Category view callback")

User added a product to wish list

sdk.track(event: .productAddedToFavorities(id: "PRODUCT_ID")) { _ in
  print("Product is added to wish list callback")

User removed a product from wish list

sdk.track(event: .productRemovedToFavorities(id: "PRODUCT_ID")) { _ in
  print("Product is removed from wish list callback")

User added a product to shopping cart

sdk.track(event: .productAddedToCart(id: "PRODUCT_ID")) { _ in
  print("Product is added to cart callback")

Also supports recommendedBy parameter

User removed a product from shopping cart

sdk.track(event: .productRemovedFromCart(id: "PRODUCT_ID")) { _ in
  print("Product is removed from cart callback")

Synchronize shopping cart

This method is used to override current state of user's shopping cart. It's easier to sync cart with API using this method, than productAddedToCart and productRemovedFromCart methods.

sdk.track(event: .synchronizeCart(ids: ["PRODUCT_1_ID", "PRODUCT_2_ID"])) { _ in
  print("Cart is synced callback")

User is made a purchase

sdk.track(event: .orderCreated(orderId: "ORDER_ID", totalValue: 33.3, products: [(id: "PRODUCT_1_ID", amount: 3), (id: "PRODUCT_2_ID", amount: 1)])) { _ in
  print("Order is created callback")

Product recommendations

You can use recommender engine in two ways:

  1. Simple block request
  2. Request with additional data

Simple request

sdk.recommend(blockId: "BLOCK_ID") { recommendResult in

Request with additional data

For example, you can provide current product ID (to exclude it from recommended products when user sees this product's details page):

sdk.recommend(blockId: "block_id", currentProductId: "PRODUCT_ID") { recommendResult in

Product search

We have 2 types of search:

  1. Suggest (or typeahead)
  2. Full search


sdk.suggest(query: "ipho") { searchResult in
  print("Suggest callback")

Full search

Full search can be performed as simple query and query with filter parameters.

Simple full search:

sdk.search(query: "iphone") { searchResult in
  print("Full search callback")

Full search with additional filters:

sdk.search(query: "laptop", limit: nil, offset: nil, categoryLimit: nil, categories: nil, extended: nil, sortBy: nil, sortDir: nil, locations: nil, brands: nil, filters: nil, priceMin: nil, priceMax: nil, colors: nil, exclude: nil) { searchResult in
  print("Full search callback")

Parameters list:

Parameter Required Description
query true Search query
limit false Limit of results
offset false Offset of results
categoryLimit false How many categories for sidebar filter to return
categories false Dictionary categories list to filter products by
extended false It's better to use true for full search results
sortBy false Sort by parameter: popular, price, discount
sortDir false Sort direction: asc or desc (default)
locations false Dictionary list of locations IDs
brands false Dictionary list of brands to filter
filters false JSON object with filter parameters. For example: ["bluetooth":["yes"],"offers":["15% cashback"],"weight":["1.6"]]
priceMin false Min price
priceMax false Max price
colors false Dictionary list of colors
exclude false Dictionary list of products IDs to exclude from search results


categories = [Category];
products =  [Product];
productsTotal =  Int;
queries = [Query];

Populate user's profile with new data

You can populate user's profile with additional data.

For example, save email to user's profile:

sdk.setProfileData(userEmail: "EMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM") { (profileDataResp) in
    print("Profile data callback")

Or you can provide more data:

sdk.setProfileData(userEmail: "EMAIL@EXAMPLE.COM", userPhone: "+111111111111", userLoyaltyId: "LOYALTY_CARD_ID", birthday: nil, age: nil, firstName: "Johny", lastName: "Cash", location: nil, gender: .male) { (profileDataResp) in
  print("Profile data callback")

Send mobile push token

sdk.setPushTokenNotification(token: "TOKEN_STRING") { (tokenResponse) in
  print("Token set response")

Save review

sdk.review(rate: 5, channel: "ios_app", category: "delivery", comment: "Nice application, thank you!") { (reviewResponse) in
  print("Review is saved")

Parameters list:

Parameter Required Description
rate true Score of the rated process. Value between 1 - 10
channel true NPS channel code
category true NPS process category code
comment false Optional answer to the follow-up question
orderId false Order ID, related to the current survey


These method are used for debug tasks. You don't need it for common tasks.

Get session ID

let deviceID = sdk.getDeviceID()


REES46, desk@rees46.com


REES46 SDK is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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