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realm/realm-core worked-for-java
Core database component for the Realm Mobile Database SDKs
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Realm is a mobile database that runs directly inside phones, tablets or wearables - check out realm.io.

This repository holds the source code for the core database component used by all the Realm Mobile Database products:

Realm Core is not in itself an "end-user" product with a publicly stable and supported API.

Refer to the Realm documentation for information about Realm and using the SDKs.

Building Realm

How to build Realm Core is described here.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details!

Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the MongoDB Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to [email protected].


Realm Core is published under the Apache 2.0 license.

See the THIRD-PARTY-NOTICES file for licenses related to included third party libraries.


Feedback to the Realm SDK's should be given in the respective SDK's github mentioned in the top of this readme. For anything specifically about Realm Core, please create an issue here.


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Release Notes

Realm Core v13.26.0
4 weeks ago


  • Added change_base_url() function to update the App base URL at runtime. (PR #7173)
  • Sync Client should use the base_url value provided in App::Config instead of always using stored info after first connection to server. (#7201)


  • Handle EOPNOTSUPP when using posix_fallocate() and fallback to manually consume space. This should enable android users to open a Realm on restrictive filesystems. (realm-js #6349, more prevalent since v13.23.3 with the change to REALM_HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE but it was also an issue in some platforms before this)
  • Application may crash with incoming_changesets.size() != 0 when a download message is mistaken for a bootstrap message. This can happen if the synchronization session is paused and resumed at a specific time. (PR #7238, since v11.8.0)
  • Fixed errors complaining about missing symbols such as __atomic_is_lock_free on ARMv7 Linux. (PR #7257)

Breaking changes

  • App::get_uncached_app(...) and App::get_shared_app(...) have been replaced by App::get_app(App::CacheMode, ...). The App constructor is now enforced to be unusable, use App::get_app() instead. (#7237)
  • The schema version field in the Realm config had no use for the flexible sync Realms previously. It is now being used for the upcoming Sync Schema Migrations feature. If it was set to a value other than zero, the application will start receiving an error from the server. Data synchronization will be stopped until the Realm is opened with schema version zero. (PR #7239)


  • Fileformat: Generates files with format v23. Reads and automatically upgrade from fileformat v5.


  • Add support for chunked transfer encoding when using HTTPParser.
  • Bump the sync protocol to v11. The new protocol version comes with the following changes:
    • JSON_ERROR server message contains the previous schema version
    • Flexible sync BIND client message contains the current schema version
  • Add BAAS admin API to create new schema versions (drafts can be used to deploy all changes at once)

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