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rbaumbach/Swizzlean 1.1.0
Swizzlean, an Objective-C Swizzle Helper Class.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/rbaumbach/Swizzlean.git", from: "1.1.0")

Swizzlean Bitrise Cocoapod Version Cocoapod Platform Carthage Compatible License

A quick and "lean" way to swizzle methods for your Objective-C development needs.

Adding Swizzlean to your project


CocoaPods is the recommended way to add Swizzlean to your project.

  1. Add Swizzlean to your Podfile pod 'Swizzlean'.
  2. Install the pod(s) by running pod install.
  3. Add Swizzlean to your files with #import <Swizzlean/Swizzlean.h>.

Swift Package Manager (SPM)

Swift Package Manager can be used to add Swizzlean the to your project:

  1. Add .package(url: "https://github.com/rbaumbach/Swizzlean", from: "1.1.0")
  2. Follow intructions to add the Swizzlean package to your project.


You can also use Carthage to manually add the Swizzlean framework to your project.

  1. Add github "rbaumbach/Swizzlean" to your Cartfile.
  2. Follow instructions to manually add Swizzlean dynamic framework to your project.

Clone from Github

  1. Clone repository from github and copy files directly, or add it as a git submodule.
  2. Add Swizzlean and RuntimeUtils (.h and .m) files to your project.

How To

  • Create an instance of Swizzlean passing in the class of the methods you want to swizzle.
  • Call swizzleInstanceMethod:withReplacementImplementation: for an instance method passing in the selector of the method to be swizzled with the replacement implementation. When passing in the replacement implementation block, the first parameter is always id _self (pointer to the 'Class' being swizzled), and the followed by any other parameters for the method being swizzled.
  • Call swizzleClassMethod:withReplacementImplementation: for a class method passing in the selector of the method to be swizzled with the replacement implementation.
  • You can check the current instance/class method that is swizzled by using the currentInstanceMethodSwizzled and currentClassMethodSwizzled methods.
  • The status of the swizzled methods can be seen by calling isInstanceMethodSwizzled and isClassMethodSwizzled.
  • Use reset methods to unswizzle the instance/class methods that are currently being swizzled.
  • Methods are automatically reset when the Swizzlean object is deallocated. If you would like to keep the methods swizzled after dealloc is called, set the property resetWhenDeallocated = NO.

Example Usage

Swizzlean *swizzle = [[Swizzlean alloc] initWithClassToSwizzle:[NSString class]];
[swizzle swizzleInstanceMethod:@selector(intValue) withReplacementImplementation:^(id _self) {
    return 42;
NSString *number7 = @"7";
NSLog(@"The int value for number7 is: %d", [number7 intValue]);
// returns - The int value for number7 is: 42
[swizzle resetSwizzledInstanceMethod];
NSLog(@"The int value for number7 is: %d", [number7 intValue]);
// returns - The int value for number7 is: 7


This project has been setup to use fastlane to run the specs.

First, run the setup.sh script to bundle required gems and Cocoapods when in the project directory:

$ ./setup.sh

And then use fastlane to run all the specs on the command line:

$ bundle exec fastlane specs

Version History

Version history can be found on releases page.

Suggestions, requests, feedback and acknowledgements

Thanks for checking out Swizzlean for your swizzling needs. Any feedback can be can be sent to: [email protected].

Thanks to the following contributors for keeping Swizzlean Swizzletastic: Erik Stromlund & Aaron Koop


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Release Notes

6 weeks ago

Swift Package Manager (SPM) support has been added.

This also required a fundamental change to the project as well as directory structure.

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