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A simple CMS using Vapor(Server Side Swift Framework)



  • 4.0.3


  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • Ubuntu 14.04


Setup Envirionment

1. Install Swift

Please install Swift in your environment. For macOS please download Xcode. If you are using Ubuntu, it is easy to install using swiftenv.


$ swiftenv install 4.0.3

2. Install MySQL

note supports MySQL and In Memory Database of SQLite as a database. When using MySQL, installation of MySQL server and client library is required.

For details, refer to the official Vapor 's document.


3. Install Redis

note supports Redis and In Memory Database as session store. If you use Redis, Redis needs to be installed in your environment.

For macOS

$ brew install redis

For ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install redis-server

Setup Application

1. Clone or download this repository.

2. Create database

To use MySQL for the database, please enter the following SQL to create the database.

mysql> create database note default character set utf8;

3. Setup Config

Move to the directory of this repository and Change the Config of the application.

Application settings are written in JSON files in Config directory. Although the default setting has already been written, you need to create a custom JSON file according to your environment.

Please create the Config file in Config/secrets. The secrets directory is ignored so it is not affected by note updates.

The way to write Config is described in the Config section.

4. Enter the following command.

$ swift build

※ Depending on the version of MySQL, you may need -Xswiftc -DNOJSON as argument.

About Config

Application settings can be changed freely, but your own environment settings should be placed in Config/secrets.

For details, refer to the official Vapor 's document.


Below are examples of several Config settings.


If you want to use In Memory Database as a store of sessions, change middleware of droplet.json from redis-sessions to sessions.

    "middleware": [


Please write down the setting of Redis Server.

    "hostname": "",
    "port": 6379


Please write down the setting of MySQL Server.

    "hostname": "",
    "user": "root",
    "password": "password",
    "database": "note"

Future Improvement



note is released under the MIT License. See the license file for more info.