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rakutentech/ios-miniapp v5.6.1
Mini App SDK for iOS Apps
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iOS Mini App SDK

​ The iOS Mini App SDK is a software development kit that allows you to integrate Mini Apps into your Native iOS applications. ​

Table of Contents

What is a MiniApp?

​ Mini apps leverage web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create user interfaces and interact with platform-specific APIs. They can provide functionalities such as content display, data input, social sharing, payment processing, and more. Mini apps are typically developed using platform-specific frameworks or development kits provided by the platform or ecosystem they are built for. ​ The key advantages of mini apps include their lightweight nature, ease of use, and seamless integration with the hosting platform.

How can we develop a MiniApp?

​ To develop a MiniApp, you can follow specific guidelines and best practices. There are several technologies that can be used to develop a mini app. For eg., React, Flutter, Vue.js, etc., ​

What this repository offers?

This repository offers following things,

  • iOS Miniapp SDK that can be integrated into any Native iOS Applications. Check Installation
  • Sample iOS native application to demonstrate the features of iOS Miniapp SDK
  • Documentation

How does the iOS Mini App SDK support loading MiniApps in Native Host applications?

​ The iOS Mini App SDK provides the necessary APIs and components to facilitate the seamless integration of MiniApps into native iOS applications. It offers functionalities such as MiniApp loading, navigation, data sharing, and permissions management, allowing developers to easily incorporate MiniApps into their iOS projects.

  • Loading Miniapps from Rakuten Miniapp platform - Miniapps can be loaded using our Rakuten Miniapp platform which offers wide range of options to upload, manage a miniapp and also many other exciting features
  • Loading Miniapps from Bundle - Our SDK also supports loading a miniapp from Local as well(bundle) ​ ​


​ To install and set up the iOS Mini App SDK, check this Installation file for more info. ​


See the USAGE file for more info. ​


See the SDK Developer Guide and the Contribution guide.


See the LICENSE file for more info.


See the full CHANGELOG.


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Release Notes

MiniApp SDK v5.6.1
6 weeks ago

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