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rakutentech/ios-analytics-framework 9.4.1
SDK that records user activity and automatically sends tracking events to an analytics cloud service.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/rakutentech/ios-analytics-framework.git", from: "9.4.1")


Records user activity and automatically sends tracking events to an analytics cloud service.


Xcode 12.5.x or Xcode 13+

Swift >= 5.4 is supported.

Note: The SDK may build on earlier Xcode versions but it is not officially supported or tested.


It is intended to be used only by Rakuten approved applications.

Installing with CocoaPods

To use the module in its default configuration your Podfile should contain:

pod 'RAnalytics', :source => 'https://github.com/rakutentech/ios-analytics-framework.git'

To use a specific version of the module e.g. 1.0.0 your Podfile should contain:

pod 'RAnalytics', '1.0.0', :source => 'https://github.com/rakutentech/ios-analytics-framework.git'

Run pod install to install the module and dependencies.

Installing with Swift Package Manager

As an alternative to CocoaPods, this module can be also integrated as a Swift Package.
To add a new package, open the 'Swift Package' tab in Xcode project settings, click the + button, then provide one of the following URLs:

  • SSH: git@github.com:rakutentech/ios-analytics-framework.git
  • HTTPS: https://github.com/rakutentech/ios-analytics-framework.git

We recommend using "Up to Next Major" version rule.


Applications must configure their Info.plist as follows:

Key Value
RATAccountIdentifier YOUR_RAT_ACCOUNT_ID (Number)
RATEndpoint YOUR_ENDPOINT (String)

For more information (including full configuration instructions, how to get support, API usage, and a full change log) please visit the internal documentation site of the RAnalytics SDK or raise an inquiry with your Rakuten contact.


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Release Notes

Public Analytics SDK Release v9.4.1
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