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Simple Swift package for Material Icons. We currently support only macOS 10.13 or higher. Include it via SwiftPM and use as follows

import MaterialIcons

let bookIcon = Icon.book.asImage(
  dimension: 320,
  padding: 12,
  style: .filled,
  color: .black,
  backgroundColor: .white

Please note that due to bundled font resources, you need at least SwiftPM 5.3. The bundled fonts in the package were downloaded from fonts.googleapis.com.

The font loading code is a slightly modified version of thii/Fontawesome.swift.

Generate Icons from ijmap

Execute the generate script as follows

$ ./bin/generate_icons.py \
    --input-file ./Sources/MaterialIcons/MaterialIcons-Regular.ijmap
    --output-file ./Sources/MaterialIcons/Icon.generated.swift


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